EXCLUSIVE: Governor Sullivan Chime speaks to SouthEastNigeria.com – January 27th,2013



SouthEastNigeria.com can authoritatively confirm that Enugu State Governor, Sullivan Chime is alive and well.

In a phone conversation with SouthEastNigeria.com on Sunday January 27th, 2013,  Mr. Chime addressed issues surrounding his ill-heath. He said that during a medical check up in London, a tumour was discovered behind his nose. Treatment commenced immediately and today he has been declared Cancer free.

As you read this, Gov.Chime is out of hospital and has been declared fit to return to Nigeria.

 It will be recalled that on December 15th, 2012,  the internet was agog with death rumours. It was reported that the Governor had joined his ancestors from a hospital in India. Responding to the death rumours, Governor Chime went on record to state that he had never visited India before neither did he have a visa to the country.

Southeastnigeria.com hereby tenders our unreserved apologies to His Excellency and the good people of Enugu State for providing any misleading information on his health.

Source: SouthEastNigeria.com



  1. I wish the governor the best in health and other endeavors. What I still find troubling is that we rush overseas for health check-ups. All our prominent persons have never died at home. We still cannot tell for sure if they were murdered or died from the illness. Why can’t a country like Nigeria with enormous oil wealth build a super state of the arts hospital that will be the envy of the world? It is a security risk for our head of government to be treated in foreign land. The charge per visit is one reason the practice must stop. The amount will build the items we rush overseas for. It also means that we do not believe in our own ingenuity. With that in our subconscious mind, we are then the ones sabotaging our advancenent in various respects. This is one legacy of colonialism holding us hostage. It is shameful indeed to continue this slave trend.


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