El-Rufai In trouble over Jesus Christ, Mary



Former FCT minister, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai has come under heavy
attack on social media for his tweet on Sunday in his attempt to
defend the former Education minister, Mrs Oby Ezekwesili and to
deride the Goodluck Jonathan’s administration.

The ex-minister, in his tweet posted on January 27, 2013, made a
joke about Jesus and Mary Magdalene in a sarcasm aimed at
Information minister, Labaran Maku, Dr Doyin Okupe and Dr Ruben

His controversial tweet reads: “If Jesus criticizes Jonathan’s govt,
Maku/Abati/Okupe will say he slept with MaryMadgalene.”

Meanwhile, Christians and other Nigerians have been attacking the
ex-minister describing the comments as offensive and attack on

“@Easyaffection: @elrufai Sir with all due respect. I get u point in dis
joke. But why Jesus? It’s not funny.”….ask @zebbook….

One Dr Thomas Agande in a statement on Sunday titled “ El Rufai
Defiles Jesus Christ on Twitter said He went overboard when, on his
Twitter page, today January 27, 2013,  said our Lord Jesus Christ
had sex with Mary Magdalene. We see this as a very insensitive,
irresponsible, and a offensive thing to say about Christ, and an
attack on the sensibilities of Christians globally.

El-Rufai betrayed his lack of respect for our Lord Jesus Christ and
obvious hatred for Christians. How else can one explain his
effrontery and buffoonery when he seemingly jokingly twitted that
Christ had sex with Mary Magdalene.

El-Rufai who aspires rule a multi religious nation, should have been
circumspect in his use of words when referring to the sacred.

It is on record that less offensive things have been said about the
Prophet Mohammed which led to loss of Christian lives.”

‘it is insensitive and an attack on christians collective sensibilities
wrote zeebook.

Jane austin wrote “ This is so irresponsible and insensitive . If
Christians should make such reference to Prophet Mohammed we
would be counting dead bodies in the north. We Christians are
peace loving and will definitely ignore him but he must be told he is
an IDIOT for saying such”

Dr  Agande added “The former minister has just told Nigerians that
he lacks the decency to rule a multi religious nation, if he should
display such disrespect for the sacred and thinks it is funny. His
Tweet shows he is not a decent man. He has disregarded the
collective sensibilities of Christians all over the world by this very
offensive reference to our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Source: AfricanExaminer



  1. imbecile er-rufa’i can go on to talk whatever he likes because this is Nigeria where murderers and criminals like him have their way. If he has served in the US and did all that he did, he would have been in jail by now. So this is how he wants to be Nigeria’s President? I know he is not a true moslem after all, what he did during his time in government confirms him as a DEVIL.

  2. Mallam Nasir El-Ruffian. check his name- Ruffian, that is a prodigal son who doesn’t know his father and his village. If it were to be in the North, thousands of people would have died by that yesterday. JESUS will fight his war- battle against Mallam RUFFIAN. But let him know that his 2015 ambition has been punctured and no single vote from Christians would he get. A man who employed his Ashawo that didn’t attain any school from USA, and got NYSC letters for her and was paying her in dollars is now criticizing somebody. My father told me that when a puppy wants to die; its nostrils doesn’t perceive shit again.

  3. Message from Elrufa’i Facebook Wall:
    Hello Friends. I have been travelling and try to catch some sleep in between the last 24 hours and missed all the furore arising from my retweet of Ogunyemi Bukola’s (@zeebook) joke Maku eat al and Jesus. I must say I am taken aback by the extent of desperate misrepresentation of what was an innocuous attempt to show the godlessness of the Jonathanians to denigrate anyone that dares to ask them to be accountable.

    To those who were genuinely offended by the retweet, I apologize. I did not meant to offend anyone, neither did the @zeebook I know and featured as one of the Young Voices in my Friday Column. Jesus or Isa Alaihis Salaam is a respected prophet of Islam. Every Muslim accepts this in addition to his miraculous virgin birth. It is therefore absurd for any Muslim believer to disrespect Jesus Christ.

    I hope those in this class will see my point of view and accept my apologies for any offense or disappointment caused. And I advise everyone to read @zeebook’s timeline and mine to read EXACTLY what was tweeted rather than the second-hand reports of certain people who ALWAYS twist whatever I write or not write to achieve their morally-repugnant objectives.

    To those in that class of liar – the political contractors who tried to attribute the entire statement to me to destroy perceived political capital, I say keep on doing that till the day your cups will be full. Everything these days is reduced to posturing for 2015,but those doing it do not even know which one of us will be alive to witness the events of that time. I leave all those to God and their conscience.

    To the Warriors of God, who misinterpret the Scriptures (both Bilble and Qur’an) and pretend to be capable of fighting His battles, please learn from history. The multiple Crusades and Jihads are yet to convert the entire human race into one religion. If God wished us all to be of one religion, He would have made us so. So please leave God’s work to Him, and just be good to other humans.

    I thank all my friends who stood up for me in this saga. They know me better than what the desperate Jonathanians want to paint as El-Rufai. An those that wish to know me a little batter should please read my forthcoming book. Thanks and God Bless.

  4. If it was a comment (innocent as it might seem) about Mohammed, the Muslim Ummah all over the world would have taken up arms against the Christians calling it ‘blasphemous’ as if they are the only one that know the meaning of that word. Please let us learn to respect each others religion and stop discussion on this sensitive issues.

  5. I want to first of all apologise all my christian brothers over sinful tweet by el-rufa’i. Though he had apologised, but he should seek for Allah’s forgiveness.
    This does not by whatever manner represent Islam. B/c in Islam Prophet Isa (S. A. W.) (Jesus Christ) respected like any other messenger of Allah. Pls. We are sorry!

  6. People of old with great power who claimed to hated our lord and savior paid heavily for their rebellion.what makes El-rufai thinks he cn escape d wrath of God?

  7. Malam El- Rufai your statement is the wrongest statement of this time & as a matter of fact will stand as the wrongest statement of all time.
    This amount to blasphemy and must be condem in all ramification by all non-blasphemous individuals.

    There is no way you can “jokingly or unjokingly” draw our Lord Jesus Christ into this rotten society called Nigeria which you are part of the successive governmet that have failed this once great nation.

    Must you use the name of Jesus Christ in this blasphemous manner to drive home you point? I bet you if it were Prophet Mohammed that were talked about this way, your torrorist brothers would have unleash mayhem on innocent defenceless christian in the north. Thank God we are not & He & only He will do our fight for us.

    I therefore, urge you to seek his face & ask him for forgiveness as a matter of urgent.

    May God bless Nigeria at all time even in time like this. May he continue to show us love, mercies & kindness. Amen

  8. U guys just didn’t get d joke. El rufa’I is a good muslim and no good muslim would ever us insultive words on the mesiaho is one of d 4 messengers of Allah.
    I know some political opponents are responsible 4 all this, they r just trying to ruin his polical carrier.

  9. Dear all

    I’ve not been able to see the tweet in issue and cannot fairly criticise same .

    I cannot bring myself to even imagine someone of El Rufai’s status being the author of such sick jokes on a platform that huge and with a propensity for same going viral. Its safe to conclude that his account was hacked

    However, if the tweet is true, then Mallam Nasir el-Rufai is guilty of gross blasphemy as charged.

    I’ve had cause in the past to advise Mallam El-Rufai about the need to employ tact and circumspection but its clear from this fresh episode that my advice went unheeded . How sad

    Christians do not declare ‘Fatwah’ on the blasphemous acts of non Christians indeed Christ had enjoined us to ‘turn the other cheek’ . Clearly his political opponents will be content to sit and watch el-Rufai bring his public service chances to an ignoble end.

    • The word for ‘fatwah’ in English is inquisition – the sole practice of Christendom! Chief should revisit his history books.

  10. Well, in a whole, I cant comment on wot i haven’t seen bcoz “seeing is believing”. But if at all he made such a silly joke, he jst need to watch-out for part 2.

  11. Rufai, too bad, u talk like a mad man . rufai, has insulted himself. Jesus will continue to be d king of d whole universe, and d beloved son of God. No one can question God,on why he made jesus d king. Rufai its obvious u are d first son of d devil. May ur judgement come soon. All other anti christ,shall all burn in hell; wait and see, when u die u shall end up in hell; if u dont repent. I love Allah, i love Jesus, i love holy spirit. Peace be unto those, who love d lord. Shallom

    • If your position before God before El Rufai made his statement was 70%, what do you think your position will be now? didn’t your statement also show that you are fighting for God? Nobody has power to put anybody in hell except God, the creator of hell. and if He decided not to put anybody there in hell again that day, will you question Him? So watch whatever you say about fellow human, leave God to do his judgment, as your statement and of many other will not make God to like you or hate you more. becareful!!!!!!

  12. People like el-Rufai had better known the limit of his jokes. Muslims beheaded Xtains for making lesser jokes in this country before. This definitely has put a stain on image especially before the Xtains.

    Okobia achu

  13. @ Usman Isah;at last a muslim who allows his reason to rule over his over zealousness. Whatever the history books say umar ardo, our collective experience as a nation has shown that if a xtian had made such a comment about the muslim faith, blood, mostly xtian and igbo, would have been spilled. That said, I think CAN is making too much of an issue of this. We christians serve a God that we thankfully do not need to
    fight for. Let it be, CAN. Let God fight this battle if He thinks it is worth it.

  14. The truth remains that We christain have a God that says vengeance is HIS,Our God fights a good fight. When we have a GOD like that we don’t need to fight for HIM. Unlike the likes of rufai that goes to fight on the behalf of their God.


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