50 lifeless bodies in Ezu River: Ezu Deity to revenge within 90 days if perpetrators refuse to confess


Anambra house

—mass burial performed

— as Hon Nwogbo tasks IG of police, commends Mass Burial yesterday

Myths surrounding the dumping of over 50 lifeless bodies at the Ezu River Ugwuoba , Enugu state, a boundary town to Amansea , Awka North Anambra state will be revealed after 90 days if the perpetrators refuse to confess, The Nation leant yesterday.

The Ezu River was angry that people have continued to deface its serenity and healing powers and told its goddess that death sentence awaits all the people involved in dumping the dead bodies after 90 days and there was no confession.

‘’Ezu has appeared and re-appeared an indication that the spirits guiding the river are not happy and according to the deity , the perpetrators if they did not come to confess after 90 days would have problem’’, an Elder who gave his name as Nwankwo Nwanna stated in a rather reckless manner.

This is coming as Mass burial was given to the recovered dead bodies from the Ezu River yesterday after an autopsy. The Commissioner for Health, Dr Ikeakor led the state team to the mass burial while the Chairman of Awka North Hon Joy Enweluzor and Secretary to the Council Hon Paul Nnatuanya led the council staff to the burial.

Speaking to the Nation on the development, the Awka North secretary, Hon Paul Nnatuanya said the local governemnt has provided three tankers of water to avoid outbreak of epidemic to the Amansea people especially Iru-Owelle village.

Reacting Member Representing Awka North and South Federal Constituency , Hon Emeka Nwogbo has commended the quick intervention of the Anambra state Governor , Mr Peter Obi who cut short his stay at London to visit the scene Sunday morning , ordering an autopsy and mass burial of the victims which is stinking heavily.

Nwogbo further appealed to the Inspector General of Police to order a thorough investigation by the Commissioners of police Anambra and Enugu states into the circumstances surrounding the death and dumping of the dead bodies in his constituency.

Nwogbo solicited the patience of his constituents with the terrible situation , promising that he will promptly enlist relevant authorities ti initate actions towards finding out where the corpses came from and who dumped them into the river as well as toensure that there is no re occurance .
Nwogbo further said he would inform NEMA to take actions towards ensuring that no adverse health conditions and epidemic out breaks result because of that and commeded Awka North Transition committee Chairman and members for supplying clean water to the people in the interim.

It would be recalled that a combined team of policemen came in patrol vehicles with registration Number NPF 117 C, with inscription Anambra Cobra squad B division; NPF 2347 C Enugu state Anti robbery squad and another plate less van written Cobra squad .

The leaders of Amansea and Awka North local government as well as the Anambra state Government have all visited the scene in sympathy of the Ugwuoba community and Save Our Soul cry to the Enugu state government to come to the scene for further actions.




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