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Ritualistic Personality Of Bar Jimoh Ibrahim: Do Not Eat His Ritual Cow Meat – By John Nnorom



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This week Monday, the Nicon Luxury Hotel at VGC was shut down and sealed by tax staff from Lagos State Board of Internal Revenue over N40 Million tax obligation.

Yesterday the Managing Director of Nicon Insurance Plc Mr. Jegede was telecasted for being deeply involved in pension scam as enough evidence exist that Bar aJimoh Ibrahim used dying pension money to buy Challenge 625 Jet. In the last two months, Nicon Luxury Hotel, abuja has been under intensive and extensive pressure from staff of CBN/Amcon over the N17 Billion debt taken over by Amcon. The crashing Reco-Billionaire Bar Jimoh is running around from one shrine to another looking for spiritual solution and at imole, he was told to kill his ritual cow

The mysterious/ juju power of Bar Jimoh Ibrahim, expires every 31st Dec. while Nigerians are in the church praising God on 31st Dec, for the coming new year, Bar Jimoh stays inside his shrine house, worshipping the spirit of imole, whose blood scarifies is cow blood. A cow must be killed by Bar Jimoh Ibrahim with his own hand with a particular knife, every 1st Jan, to renew his covenant with his demonic masters.

Once the cow is killed by the hand of Bar Jimoh, the neck must be cut-out for the preparation of his concoction and he will use the knife to draw a sign on his head, the head of his children and the head of his two wives. Let the little children and the wives be interviewed outside Bar Jimoh’s presence for a confirmation of the yearly cow ritual. His PA, paid for six cows on first week of December, 2012 for the preparation of this year 2012 ritual.

Half of the cow is buried in his compound for the spirits of Imole to come and eat while half is shared among the visitors that will come to his house to say happy New Year. No member of his family will eat this particular cow meat. Another cow is killed for members of the family to eat, on 1st of every January.

Last week, Bar Jimoh Ibrahim hurriedly invited the remaining Global fleet staff, who have not receive the last three months’ salary for end of year party and a ritual cow meat was served to them to eat. I had warned Jimoh Ibrahim not to try the cow ritual this year with a text message from my blackberry but he cleverly and secretly without adequate notice invited staff for Christmas party in his house. All global fleet staff that ate Bar Jimoh Ibrahim cow, should fast for three days and run to any anointed man of God so that the yoke/curse will be broken otherwise your star, your great miracles destine for your family in 2013 shall go to Bar Jimoh Ibrahim.

Another, cow ritual is coming in Bar Jimoh Ibrahim house by 31st Dec, 2012, night. This cow ritual is for the general public, whose great destiny and star shall be taken away by Bar Jimoh Ibrahim, if you eat this particular cow meat or take the cow meat away to cook in your house, the star of goodness and progress for your entire house hold will be taken away in 2013. Nigerians be warned. When, I warned of Air Nigeria crisis, few people did not take me serious but today all that I said had come to pass. Bar Jimoh Ibrahim is a highly ritualistic personality and Nigerians particularly people from Ondo State should avoid him.

Last year, Jimoh travelled to London on 24th December, hoping to be back on 30th December for his yearly cow rituals but due to the year-end strike, he could not come back to Nigeria to kill the ritual cow as usual. About seven of us that worked for him started fasting that God should destroy the 2012 cow ritual. We started fasting immediately Bar Jimoh Ibrahim, travelled to London and God answered us in his miraculous way. His native doctor came to his VGC house on 30th Dec, 2011 and was waiting for Jimoh to return while Jimoh was trapped in London by circumstance beyond his control.

On the 31st of Dec, Bar Jimoh Ibrahim was shouting in London house at 17 Bishop Avenue, give me a cow but his steward said, sir you cannot kill a cow in this compound otherwise police will arrest us. When Jimoh insisted, the steward said, sir you also cannot bury half of a cow in this compound, it is a health hazard and we shall be prosecuted. His juju power expired first 1stJanuary, 2012 as Jimoh Ibrahim could not renew it. To renew this powerful juju, Bar Jimoh Ibrahim must kill the cow and cut out the neck, half of the cow will be buried and the remaining half is shared to the public. His native Doctor will collect the neck of the cow and prepare a special concoction, which JImoh Ibrahim will eat alone.Once, this is done, business will start to boom for Bar Jimoh Ibrahim.

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The great evidence, that the juju expired in 2012, is the level of turbulence that Bar Jimoh Ibrahim passed through in 2012. He could not acquire any business in 2012, he was charged to court for tax evasion of N4.87Billion, quizzed by EFCC, Disgraced by the senate members, Air Nigeria his cash milk cow was closed, newswatch closed, news magazine called him the Nigerian corporate virus, central Bank of Nigeria blacklisted him for being in debt of N28Billion, out of which AMCON has taken over N17Billion and this explains why RECO-BILLIONAIRE is crashing. This explain why, I said in my last publication, that Jimoh Ibrahim is a toothless bull dog because in the spiritual realm, he is finished.

Today, his Nicon Luxuary Hotel in VGC has been under lock and key, sealed by Lagos state Government over non-payment of N40Million tax obligations. His Nicon Luxuary Hotel, abuja is under intensive pressure by the former management that won a case of stolen brand management amounting to N1.8Billion both in London and Nigeria court. The Abuja luxuary hotel is about to be taken over by Central Bank of Nigeria/Amcon over a debt of N17Billion and early next year the judgment shall be executed. Nigeria insurance Plc is under pension fund scam involving N10Billion as Mr jegede, the CEO of Nicon Insurance Plc was telecasted.This money was partly used in the acquisition of Bar Jimoh Ibrahim private Challenger jet, while pensioners are dying every day.

His arrest by the operative of Federal Inland Revenue Services and subsequent charge to court is an abnormal event in the life of Bar Jimoh Ibrahim, for those who know him. The crash and closure of Air Nigeria before Dec, 2012 was predicted by a particular Pastor after the fasting, the suspension of Nicon Insurance Plc and the closure of Nigeria Re-insurance in 2013 were all predicted by the same Pastor and these are all signs of expired juju. Jimoh conglomerate is crashing and he is getting ready to kill his ritual cows on 31stDecember, 2012, just to renew his powers. This explains, why we are publishing this article to warn the general public.

Jimoh rise is based on Imole Shrine, where he used to invoke the spirit of IMOLE to work for him. It was in this shrine that the concoction that was dropped in Navy Capt Ayeni drink was prepared. His native Doctor, now a fake pastor, who now writes articles in his national mirror, was part of those who prepared the concoction. It was dropped in Navy Capt Ayeni’s drink, which affected him mentally and the so called brain tumor. This explain why, Navy Capt Ayeni was removed from his position because for months when he developed this mental illness, Jimoh was the person assigned to collect Bayelsa State’s allocation from abuja. Over 70% of Bayelsa state allocation during Capt ayeni sickness disappeared into jimoh home in ondo State. Navy Capt Ayeni is on wheel chair now; it was only few months ago, that the Governor of Ekiti State bought a new car for him. On the day that Jimoh was given the juju to drop in Capt Ayeni drinks, the followings laws were passed over to him;

1. Any day that you help Navy capt Ayeni, that day Bar jimoh Ibrahim will go on wheelchair. It is Navy capt Ayeni STAR that you are now using to acquire wealth. This explain, why Jimoh refused to help the man that made him his PA, despite the fact that navy capt Ayeni is sick and needs help now.

2. If you help anybody with this money, you Bar Jimoh will suffer. This explained why Jimoh cannot help people including his blood brothers. His immediate junior brother was a kabu-kabu driver until friends help him to travel abroad, where he now works.

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3. You must not mourn for others, this explain why Jimoh does not attend burial ceremony. He will only attend, if the burial ceremony is for celebration.

4. Finally, on 31st Dec, you must slaughter a cow by yourself, cut out the neck for a particular concoction which shall be prepared by a particular spiritualist. This concoction must be eaten alone by Jimoh with uncooked yam. The implication is that whatever thing that Jimoh say, must be obeyed by all. That explain, why people are afraid of jimoh and he can buy a company worth N20billion for N1million.

Part of the other conditions is that any house that Jimoh used must not be occupied by any person or death will follow the new occupant. Jimoh owns 36 houses in VGC. Three houses are in road 3 and are covered by weed. The house in Road 2 is also covered by weed. The house at Idimu is covered by weed. The first office used in Victoria Island as VAT/WITHHOLDING TAX office is under lock and key. The glass house at AJAH Bus-stop is vacant and is used by area boys. The VGC gate office is vacant and now jimoh is occupying 159/160 Broad Street and once he moves out, nobody will occupy this building.

One reason why people may not be occupying his building is because many types of juju are buried in all his houses. In some of his house, the juju is meant to take away tenant star and progress. You cannot reside in Jimoh house and build your own house. Jimoh as a native Doctor monitors his entire tenant spiritually. If you progress, you are in trouble.
The fall of jimoh Ibrahim has just began, let us watch the future and see what God will do to this unrepentant soul. We pray, he repents and give his life to God with true confessions.

Extract from chapter 21, online book to be published on Bar Jimoh Ibrahim, written by John Nnorom.

John I Nnorom is a Chartered Accountant by Profession, a licensed tax practitioner and a management Consultant. He trained and worked for KPMG for several years and qualified as a chartered accountant in 1986. He was admitted a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria in 1988 and was licensed to practice in 1989. He was subsequently admitted in year 2000, a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria, Associate Member- Institute of Taxation of Nigeria and holds an MBA from Enugu State University of Science and Technology with specialization in management. He has over twenty five years post-qualification working experience that transcends First City Monument bank, Fidelity Bank, The Flash Group, Abia State Government., He was a part-time consultant with National Forwarding & Clearing Agency, Pioneer tax lecturer –Student Pye Nig Ltd- Lagos, Ex-Special Assistant to Abia State Government on Internally Generated Revenue, Ex-Tax Consultant-Lagos State Board of Internal Revenue, Ex-Executive Director Finance, Air Nigeria Development Limited and Non-Executive Director Nigeria Re-insurance Corporations.He is currently the Chairman of Bluesea Overseas Ltd. His articles and published works includes; Re-engineering FG revenue base, Financing a state through internal revenue, States must enact new tax laws to boost revenue, How Abia tax system will generate more revenue, States do not need Federal allocation to run local council, Publication of local Government allocation in order, Abia introduce Direct Bank Lodgment System, Abia hits the billion mark internal revenue target and FG should tax citizens to repay foreign debt, MISSION IN GLOBAL GROUP, AIR NIGERIA IS A FLYING COFFINS,HOW WE SAVED 100 SOULS FROM PLANE CRASH, AIR NIGERIA BELONGS TO FEDERAL GOVERNMENT,BAR JIMOH IBRAHIM TAX EVASION CRIMINAL CHARGE OF N4.87B, DYING PENSIONER MONEY USED TO BUY PRIVATE JET BY BAR JIMOH IBRAHIM, AFRIXIM LOAN DIVERTED AND USED TO BUY ENERGY BANK, BLOOD SACRIFIES TO BECOME ONDO GOVERNOR,PLOT TO DUPE NIGERIANS WITH 180 FUELLING STATION, BAR JIMOH BECOMES OVERNITE BILLIONAIRE,INSPECTOR-GENERAL OF POLICE SHOULD WITHDRAW POLICE PROTECTION, COLLAPSED BANKS AND SACKING OF CEO LINK TO BAR JIMOH IBRAHIM, THE PLOT TO ASSISSNATE JOHN NNOROM, RISE OF RECO-BILLIONAIRE,DAILY SPIRITUAL WAR ON MRS CECILA IBRU, GOD ANSWERED MY PRAYERS MORE THAN BISHOP OYIDEPO, RADICAL SON BAR JIMOH DISOWNED BY DAD, EX-GM, NOW A REFUGEE IN REDEEMED CAMP, STAFF INVISIBLE CAR, MYSTERIOUS DEATH IN NICON GROUP, CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION DEALS OF BAR JIMOH IBRAHIM AND WHY RECO-BILLIONAIRE IS CRASHING.

John Nnorom…. 07068021111, 08033064519, E-mail: john.nnorom@gmail.com

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