Kaduna Group Lambasts Jama’atu Nasril Islam, Backs Removal of Army Chiefs from Jaji

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The last of the bomb blast that struck the military base at Jaji may have not been heard. This is as reports reaching 247ureports.com indicate that the Southern Kaduna Indigenes Progressive Forum [SKIPFO] lambasted the Islamic based group, Jama’atu Nasril Islam [JNI] over their accusation of the Nigeria Army authority of religious bias – over its removal of Air Vice – Marshal Abdukadir Kure as Commandant of Armed Forces Command and Staff College  [AFCSC] and Maj Gen Mohammed Danhane Isa as Commander Infantry Corps Jaji, – following the embarrassing suicide attack on a church inside the military barrack – that killed 15 worshipers.

In a press statement released by the chairperson of the group, Major George Asake [rtd], stated that “SKIPFO is miffed by the unguarded and inflammatory statement made by Dr Khalid Abubakar Aliyu on behalf JNI to the effect that the redeployment from command of both Air Vice – Marshal Kure and Maj Gen Isa as Commander Infantry Corps both located in Jaji Kaduna is tinged with religious bias.

“We have followed with keen interest the several statements that have continuously been flowing from the JNI, signed by their Secretary General Dr Khalid Aliyu, since the advent of the Boko Haram scourge which has become a national disgrace and nightmare.

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“ While the JNI and Islamic leaders have consistently denied Boko Haram’s activities as Islamic, they have all the same always come out firing from all cylinders at every individual or group who calls for the declaration of Boko Haram as a terrorist group. And now it is the turn of the JNI to even go further and impugned that the military which is one of the few institution (if not the only institution) in the country that still maintains a semblance of credibility and religious balance and harmony. Where was Dr Khalid Aliyu and his JNI when : –

“Two detained Boko Haram terrorists under tight military custody in Shadawanka Barracks Bauchi were allowed to escape by a Muslim soldier under the command of Brig Gen ML Raji who is a known fanatical Muslim, yet the Christians never raised any dust on religious bias but allowed the military to handle the case through Military Court Martial where the senior officer and other culprits got fair treatment and justice?

“When Boko Haram attacked the Headquarters of 1 Mechanised Division under the command of Maj Gen Joseph Shoboiki as General Officer Commanding ( GOC ) and a Christian, the Army authority under Lt Gen Ihejerika as Chief of Army Staff and a Christian too, promptly redeployed Gen Shoboiki to Defence Headquarters as a Director and replaced him with Maj General Garba Ayodeji Wahab, a Muslim far junior to the former. Neither CAN nor Christians protested.

“It will interest the JNI and their mouthpiece Dr Khalid Abubakar Aliyu to know that the present COAS and the Chief of Air Staff ( CAS ) are all Christians and this is besides the President , Commander in Chief ( C- I- C ) of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan who is also a Christian. Yet, they posted the GOC I Mechanised Division Kaduna, Air Officer Commanding (AOC ) Nigerian Airforce Training Command Kaduna , Commandant AFCSC Jaji, Corps Commander Infantry Jaji, Commandant Depot NA Zaria all Muslims without a whimper from any Christian quarters. This is because Christians believe that these gentlemen officers though Muslims will be true to their oath and allegiance to their fatherland besides living up to the expectations of the tenets of their faith.

“Despite the atrocities and glaring bias of Maj Gen Saleh Maina as GOC 3 Armoured Division Nigerian Army and the outcry by all and sundry for his removal he was retained by Lt Gen AB Danbazzau in that capacity and the JNI saw nothing wrong in that. Many innocent lives of innocent and peace loving Christians were lost to the applause of JNI we suppose. We believe Gen Danbazzau was not taking dictation from outside why should it be otherwise now?
“ Quite contrary to whatever propaganda JNI might have been fed with, Maj Gen MD Isa most especially was the cantonment Commander in Jaji and the puerile and false allegation of bringing in Maj Gen KC Osuji as NASI Commandant, Maj Gen JS Zaruwa , the Peace Keeping Commandant and Brig Gen Ekagu the Commandant Warrant Officers Academy ( all are training institutions with NASI and WOs Academy under the same Maj Gen Isa ) as those not affected by the redeployment is a figment of the imagination of JNI and its collaborators. In fact, these training institutions have no troops under their command but the Infantry Corps Commander has a combat Infantry Battalion under him who serves as both a Demonstration unit also well as a feed mill to other military establishment under in Jaji..

“ The removal of the two Commandants is perfectly in order and in line with military tradition as allowing those senior officers to remain in their various offices might open the floodgate for unnecessary interference with investigations. Moreover, it is a known fact that Maj Gen MD Isa has completed the required 35 years of service since June 2011 , he has also overstayed his tour of duty of 2 years as Commander Infantry Corps. Infact, we have it on authority that both Christians and Muslims officers and soldiers of the Infantry Corps rolled out their drums in celebration of this long awaited removal – a clear sign of a bad Commander..

“Bringing in the case of non-removal of Gen MA Nasamu Commander Army Headquarters Garrison ( AHQ Gar ) over the Christmas eve Mogadishu cantonment’s Mammy market bombing of 24 th December, 2010 is myopic and lacks substance.

“This is because JNI never called for the removal of the Commanders of Shadawanka Barracks in Bauchi, Airforce Base Kaduna, over Boko Haram’s bombing there and, in fact IGP Hafiz Ringim over the bombing of the Police Force Headquarters on 16th June, 2011.

“ When twice dismissed CP Zakari Biu allowed Kabiru Sokoto to escape in Abaji , JNI was bitter over his dismissal but will recall that neither CAN nor any Christian protested based on religious ground. Rather, the law was allowed to take its due cause.

“ Finally, we are saddened by the gross disregard and insensitivity of JNI on the lives lost and those wounded and this is besides the destruction to property over the St Andrews Protestant church bombing carried out by misguided Muslims coming from the JNI ranks but clearly voiced out their preference for those two officers who are neither killed nor dismissed from service but redeployed from their former positions for dereliction of duty thereby causing loss of lives to innocent Christians who were worshiping their true living God in the Church. Admiral Saad Ola Ibrahim who is the Chief of Defence Staff ( CDS ) and a true Muslim announced these two officers removal and by implication, the JNI is telling the world that he is acting a Christian script and is therefore not a member of the Muslim fold?

“ SKIPFO would have stood and will stand by any Muslim (s) innocently killed by any Christian or group as our Christian faith abhors the shedding of innocent blood. Let us all know that we shall be accountable to God on judgment day and should therefore live above petty mindedness in the name of whatever religion”



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