Uniport Students Set Aluu Ablaze, 2 possibly dead


The Police Public Relations Officer of the police at Rivers State, Ben Ugwuegbulem has confirmed to 247ureports.com that the community of Aluu has been set on fire by the students of the University of Port Harcourt [Uniport] in tandem with students from other universities.

Available information indicates that students from other institution under the aegis of National Association of Nigeria Students, NANS, joined the students at Uniport for a protest rally held on the morning of Tuesday October 9, 2012 to protest the brutal killings of Friday. The protest was peaceful. The east-west Choba road was blocked at the bridge entrance from Bayelsa State. Heavy security presence halted the students’ attempt to enter the Aluu community.

But as the protest waned and the security forces gave way, the students pounced on the community. As the students made their move to enter the community, many official within the institution made efforts to impress on the students to halt their intended entrance into the community but it was not heeded. The Vice Chancellor was said to have made an attempt but he was lampooned and thrown water bags by the irate students.

With the Vice Chancellor rescued from the scene away from the students, they began, in droves, setting ablaze all structures – houses, vehicles and the-likes – that they saw along the way into the community.

An eyewitness told our correspondent that the Aluu community was already deserted before the student arrived. “They vacated the community when the security people came to make arrests” said the eyewitness who went on to explain that the police had been making random/indiscriminate arrests of persons seen at the killer community. For this reason, the Aluu was a ghost town upon the arrival of the irate students.

The eyewitness started that it was highly unlikely for casualties to have been recorded. But a source within the student body at Uniport reveals that two persons may have been killed in today attack of Aluu community.

247ureports.com has yet to confirm the death of two persons but the police stated that the situation was “too fluid” to make definitive statements on casualties or no casualties.



  1. Serves them right!! I wish the students do more than that,they are a wicked community and deserve whatever they getting now and more,their children will die untimely and horrible deaths too for eache of them that took part in the killing and those who stood by and watched and those who gave the order that they should be killed their children will be visited with the same fate!!

  2. You people , all of you aluu comunity people you have sheld the blood of the innocent ones and as a result of this curse has been on the community and your generations to come. I in deep sorrow simpertize with the victims and there relative may GOD ALMIGHTY give you corage to see this thru and I pray such thing will never happen in this contry again. AMEN

  3. I am expecting the River State govt to have stripped all sons and daughters of Aluu in power or helm of ministries from there positions…they have cut short a lives of promising boys. then let them suffer same fate with the lives taken out of the four innocent boys! We are kinda watching what gonna be the outcome of these matter!

  4. pls dey shud b careful hw dey protest cos dey’re endangerin d lives of students in aluu, d protest shud jus b done in omoukiri comm

  5. animals, savage in this time of age who enjoys seeing how childs get killed, then with what eyes does aluuu helll comunity will be seen with only with the eyes of death upon them animals beast i wish they beat them up in the same way they did, with the victims mother looking at them sufer they dont deserve less they should burn in hell and there souls should never rest…….animals all nigeria is hating aluuu comunity and the entire world as well

  6. pls students should wait and let this matter die down,then the aluu community must have forgotten and think is over then they storm their houses surprisingly and burn it all down,what they started should be finished,they should be rendered homeless and the whole world should reget them,and the rest of aluu people in diferent part of the country should be given quick notice asap,because they are bad news,the cause will not follow just those involve but the land is caused it shall follow all.

  7. why would a human being ,kill a fellow human being like they are animals,i watched the video and i cannot stop crying,if nothing is been done it will happen again and again,this is not what we want in our country,this is why we are been hate and rejected all over the world,we should respect human life,and how come the police were not able to stop this from happening normally police should be patrolling all the look and corners,overseas before you come out of your house and walk to the street you will past more than ten police patrolling,in that way they detect crime quickly,why can’t Nigeria be like dat we call ourselves giant of Africa but we are ants of not only Africa but the world shame to Nigeria,for allowing this kind of thing to happen,poor government common 24 hours electricity we don’t have,common law we can’t maintain,common good road we don’t have,common job opportunities for where,all they have is corruption upon corruption na see our future of tomorrow are dying like rats because of our inefficient,why ask for freedom 1960 when we knw we are not matured enough to take care of our self babies that want to do what they like by all mins,this should be corrected cus is a very big shame we just celebrated 52 years old and this is happening imagine me wear green white green i dey shame for myself,justice should be done our corrupt leader@s should understand this they are not there just to eat state and country funds but also there to make the country a success they are there to manage the country and they should do just that,we don’t want to hear justice was not done because is the habit of nijia ,this must never ever repeat itself rest my case

  8. I lack word to say but i wil lik d military to handle the paramount ruler, chief hassan elewa, that man kip killg students using the for ritual evry semester, i strong tel u dat hassan hv hands in the death of those studnts.
    Secondly, all d police in that aluu n choba areas should be handle by d army, cos police are thieves themslf, hw wit such acts b carried out, ther wernt ther to rescue d poor dieg student. I hva witness in some many cases that d police are scard of dat useless chief, they eat n feed wit him. Nigeria cant neva be beta at all cos d leaders as a whole ar all devils n agents of darkness. Hassan shld be killed just the way dy killed d innocent studnts. Hassan will neva see peace even in his death. Dats hw he kip killg his wives, n kip marrying evryday, oku his 1st son n andy d 2nd son shld b sentenced, al d aluu youth shld b fired, dy shld vacate allow off ther, dy ar only 2kil n destroy. Heaven wil collapse on aluu communities youth dat wer involvd in brutalizg d innocnt student. May ther SOUL rest in PEACE. AmEN


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