Trouble as Governor Danbaba Suntai loses 50% of blood from head Injury, 4 others


Information available to through sources near the activities surrounding the airplane crash on Thursday October 25, 20012 over Yola in Adamawa State – reveals more details to the crash indicating the situation may be more critical that initially let out by the authorities involved. An authoritative source in Abuja revealed that the Governor has lost 50% of his blood as he arrived Abuja Hospital yesterday afternoon at 2:44pm.

According to the available information, the Governor of Taraba State, Mr. Dambaba Suntai had sustained serious head injury that had rendered him unconscious immediately following the crash. At the time of rescue by the emergency response team, the body of the Governor was found unconscious and lifeless but not dead. He was bleeding from the head as his lifeless body arrived to the Specialist Hospital in Yola, Adamawa State. Dambaba Suntai remained lifeless and unconscious while at the medical center in Yola. He was unconscious but alive as he was airlifted to the National Hospital in Abuja yesterday afternoon [October 26, 2012] – where he was visited briefly by the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck E. Jonathan.

President Jonathan at the National Hospital

Interestingly, the activities surrounding the status of the crash victims have been cloaked in secrecy. The cabinet members of the Taraba State government including the personal Doctor to the Taraba State Governor have expressed displeasure over being denied access to the Governor and the other victims. The recently impeached deputy governor of Taraba State, Sani Abubakar also expressed displeasure to being denied access by the agents of the State Security Services [SSS] to see the Governor at the Yola medical facility. gathered that it was the Governor of Adamawa, Malam Nyako who sought the German medical providers as first attendants to the Governor of Taraba State and the other crash victims. Some of Governor Nyako’s aides were reported to have also seen the Governor and the other crash victims.

Governor Nyako was said to be the one to have arranged for the airlift from Yola to Germany. But the airlift which was initially slated to arrive Germany via a direct flight from Yola/Abuja – was made to make a short stop at the National Hospital – as the condition of the Taraba Governor was said to require resuscitation before taking on the 6 to 7 hours of flight to Germany. A source close to the governor of Taraba State revealed that the Governor has yet to stabilize – and so could not be airlifted to Germany.

The source adds that the Governor sustained a head and an arm injury. “He lost blood from both wounds“.

The source revealed further that the other occupants of the plane were injured seriously also. He stated that the Governor’s ADC, Dasat Ilia, remains unconscious having sustained leg injuries [leg fractures]. He is presently receiving treatment at Yola – he is expected to be transferred to a medical facility in Jalingo, Taraba State once his situation improves. The Chief Security Officer [CSO], Timo Dagana suffered fracture in his two legs. He is said to be conscious. The governor’s chief security detail, Jewel suffered a fracture to his arm. He is conscious.

Witnesses who saw the arrival of the ambulance to the hospital in Abuja stated that the Governor was wrapped from head to toe in bandage – hooked up to a medical equipment believed to be a life-support equipment inside the ambulance – operated by the State House. The State house medical center ambulance with registration place number – SH576 carried the governor from the International airport to the hospital.

As the ambulance arrived the hospital, it drove through the sideway opposite the car park to avoid onlookers. He was immediately transferred to the private Intensive Care Unit and given – Bed number 1 under heavy presence of security officials – who threatened reporters who had gathered at the hospital that “if you snap anything or shoot anything I will shoot your leg”.

But new information obtained from the hospital staff indicates that the Governor may have suffered neurological damage – as affirmed by the Managing Director [MD] of the hospital in Abuja, Prof Shehu B, who is a neurosurgeon – that a neurological procedure may be required once the patience stabilizes. According to the MD, the Governor suffered “1st degree injury” but would be stabilized before further treatment is administered.

Meanwhile the political situation in Taraba State appears unraveling on its heels. This is as the newly sworn-in deputy governor, Garba Umar was forced to address the media today regarding a published report stating that thugs allegedly sent from the Governor’s political opponents crashed into the deputy governor’s office and chase him out – minutes after the news break of the air crash. The deputy governor denied such ever occurred.

But a source within the security community states otherwise. He states the deputy governor was rescued by the men of the SSS and transferred to the SSS office in Jalingo – where he stayed till the security situation was brought under control. “The SSS is investigating the matter – with special interest on two Senators from Taraba State – Senator Aisa Alhassan of Taraba north senatorial district and Senator Abubakar Tukare of central senatorial district“, he added.

Both Senators are political foes of the Governor. The two, in collaboration with the former deputy governor, Sani Abubakar, lost in a coup detat attempt against Gov Dambaba Suntai recently – which cost Sani Abubakar his job. Both Senators are members of the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP].

Senator Aisa Alhassan [PDP] is also a political foe. She has aspirations of governorship. But the Governor, Danbaba Suntai prefers another candidate [Senator representing Taraba South district]. And so Senator Alhassan became unhappy.

Near the top of the list of political foes is the former governor of Taraba State, Jolly Nyame [PDP]. Nyame played the political godfather role in the emergence of Danbaba Suntai as Governor of Taraba State. In particular, Danladi Baidu, an aspirant for the then gubernatorial seat was schemed out  “in broad daylight” at the primaries through the workings of Nyame. Shortly after Danbaba Suntai’s victory, the two fell apart – leaving Nyame unhappy.

On the streets of Jalingo, the mood seems melancholy. Residents are seen lamenting that if the governor goes – insecurity will return – who is going to hold the state? The residents who spoke with stated that the governor was responsible for sanitizing the State of miscreants and thuggery.  They claimed that he was responsible for ensuring the menace of Boko Haram did not penetrate into Taraba from Adamawa State. “He holds life sacred and he admits wrongdoing” said a resident.



  1. God will see him through and wishing him soonest recovery,at d same time a person of his status shouldn’t be taking such risk of flying a plane nd not a kite,as a Governor,u have more than enough enemies arround u and such should b extra careful.

  2. Whoever fears allah,allah will appoint for him a solution,and he will provide for him from were he has no espectation.allah is with u mallam garba umar.if god say no body can say no u will become taraba gift from god

  3. It’s not a question of Garba Umar becoming or not becoming the next Governor of Taraba state but about the welbeing of the accident ridden Governor, Danbaba Suntai. We should all pray for his recovery first, if God says its time up for him, Garba Umar should then step in. May God heal Danbaba Suntai soonest. Amen.


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