Rivers ACN Condemns Amaechi’s Acquisition of Bombardier Jet


…Blames State’s Slow Pace of Development On Misplacement of Priorities

The Rivers State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, says the slow pace of development that characterizes Gov. Amaechi administration is as a result of misplaced priorities.

The party made this observation through a statement issued and signed by its Publicity Secretary Jerry Needam while reacting to the $50 million Global 5000 Bombardier Jet just acquired by the Rivers State Government.

The ACN spokesman, Jerry Needam described the acquisition of the Aircraft as ostentatious, unnecessary luxury and gross extravagance on the part of Gov. Amaechi.

Jerry Needam queried the rationale for spending such a stupendous amount of money on an aircraft for the exclusive use of the governor when virtually all the internal roads in the state have been washed away by water and over 183 communities across four local government areas sacked by ravaging floods.

The ACN expressed surprise that same government that has raised alarm, calling on public spirited individuals to support the flood victims in the state because of government’s inability to provide for them alone could embark on such adventurous purchase of a cruising Jet.

Describing the action as insensitive and inhuman, the ACN said the $50m Bombardier Jet if converted to local currency amounts to billions of naira which is enough to fix all the dilapidated roads in the State.

“An administration that cannot balance its priorities on a scale before embarking on action such as expressed in this thoughtless venture could be likened to an unfaithful father and is worse than an infidel”, the ACN remarked.

The ACN recalled the comments and uncomplimentary remarks of Gov. Amaechi over a similar purchase of a private jet by a preceding govt part of which reason he traded off the aircraft at a give away price of about $6m to a neighbouring state on account of its high cost of maintenance only for him to go for a far more expensive brand new Canadian made Bombardier Jet.

The ACN mouthpiece, Jerry Needam challenged the self-acclaimed prudent and transparent Gov. Chibuike Amaechi to convince Rivers people how the acquisition of $50 million Bombardier Global 5000 Jet takes precedence over the reconstruction of impassable roads in the state and providing for the welfare of hundreds of thousands of Rivers people rendered homeless by the floods and who are now living in shanties called camps across the state.

‘We also want to know what finally became of the controversial selling of the Dash 8 – Q200 aircraft and the AW139 helicopter supposedly leased to Aero contractors’, the ACN demanded.




Jerry Needam, JP

Publicity Secretary

Action Congress of Nigeria

Rivers State.



  1. The procurement is not justifiable by any standards. Rivers State has no business with poverty but remains a very poor state by all standards. The salvation of the state, however, does not rest on neither ACN nor PDP as there is no significant difference between the 2. Both lack internal democracy and boast of men that habour no accountability in their thoughts. The people of rivers state should start thinking of having resident none indigines as governor; who out of fear will give the up to 70% good governance contrary to the present 5%.

    This applies to all the other states. By the time it returns to indigines, they will have no choice but to sustain or surpass precedence.


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