Kwankwaso to Name Kano Government House in his own Name


From Citizen Reporter, Kano, Nigeria

When the matter of illegal inscription of “Kwankwasiyya” on public properties of Kano State by Governor Kwankwaso came up for mention before Justice Lawan Wada Mahmoud on Monday, the Attorney General and Kano State Commissioner of Justice, Mr Maliki Kuliya Umar insolently threatened that Kano State Government House may also be named “Kwankwasiyya House”. The Kano Government House was named after the Late Sani Abacha by the past military government until the same Kwankwaso removed the name and revert it to what it is today during his first tenure.

Kwankwaso is the only governor in Nigeria to be accused of creating personality cult by inscribing public properties in his name. He is alleged to be defacing public properties by inscribing “Kwankwasiyya” on public buses, roofs, pedestrian interlocks, parameter fence, schools etc

Governor Kwankwaso and his administration have been dragged to court by some aggrieved Kano citizens challenging his attitude of inscribing the “Kwankwasiyya” acronym on properties belonging to the public. The suit filed since 9th July, 2012, came up for mention this Monday. The Plaintiffs, Abdullahi Maraya Barkum, a PDP stalwart and a former Deputy Speaker; Hamisu Danwawu, a renowned politician and an ANPP bigwig; and Hassan Sani Indabawa, a business man, activist, and good governance advocate all claimed that Kwankwaso’s action of promoting his personal ego by using public fund is illegal, unconstitutional, unlawful and promotes disaffection, disharmony and may ultimately cause bad blood among the people of Kano State. They therefore urged the court to declare Kwankwaso’s action as unlawful, illegal, unconstitutional and discriminatory. Kwankwaso may face impeachment if the court grants their reliefs.

The sitting of the court conducted inside the hallowed Chamber of Court 12 of the Kano State High Court of Justice, had Maliki Kuliya standing for the State. In an incoherent manner, Maliki revealed before Justice Lawan Wada that the Kano Government House may equally be renamed. To the amazement of all those present, Maliki, who appeared visibly stoned from a substance suspected to be cannabis, told the court that “We would rename the Government House (too) to Kwankwasiyya House”. Maliki and Kwankwaso are widely believed to be on hard drugs. As the state Chief Law Officer, his vituperations before the court suggest his government’s contempt of court and Kwankwaso may after all continue with his illegality.

Aliyu Umar (SAN), counsel to the Plaintiffs saved the embarrassing situation by continuing with the matter and moved a motion seeking to file an application on Pre-trial session within time. The Court conceded to his request and adjourned the matter until 22nd November, 2012 for a Pre-trial session.



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