Press Statement: Stop Ridiculing Bayelsa


Sunday, October 21, 2012



A recent report alleging that Chief Timipre Sylva is behind the
resolve of the Change Advocacy Party (CAP) governorship candidate in
Bayelsa State, Dr. Imoro Kuboh, to pursue justice is, at best, childish. It is one of the pinpricks of the present administration in the state, which Bayelsans and other Nigerians just have to ignore and
get on with their lives.
We, too, would have ignored the absurd lie but for the fact that the
Seriake Dickson camp is laying Bayelsa people open to ridicule with
such undignified pursuits at a scale that we can no longer fold our
arms and watch.
The report attributed to the state CAP Chairman, Mr. Deme Kolomo,
claimed that the party had dissociated itself from its candidate’s
search for justice in the governorship contest after several failed
attempts to upturn Dickson’s “popular victory.” The report said CAP
was worried by Kuboh’s insistence on seeking redress at the Supreme
Court when he stood no chance, concluding, “From evidence at our
disposal, the immediate past governor of the state, Chief Timipre
Sylva, is the sponsor of Kuboh.”
Even the most uninformed of minds could see through the tragedy of
fabrications and intellectual idleness that were being celebrated in
the said report. The mockery of Dickson’s election by the imputation
of “popular” to his bizarre victory was glaring. Who in the world did
not see or hear how the country’s most revered democratic
institutions, including the party, security, and justice systems, were
compromised just to force-feed the Bayelsa electorate with the Abuja
mandate dressed in Dickson colours.
Besides, how could Kolomo and his co-travellers be so worried about a
candidate pursuing a cause he stands no chance of winning, even when
they try to give the impression that their principal is confident and
To all intents and purposes, the reference to Sylva in Kuboh’s
electoral litigation is another manifestation of the nervousness that
has become the standard character of Hon. Dickson since he stool the
Bayelsa governorship mandate some months ago.
To be sure, Chief Sylva has not shown any association with any
political party outside the Peoples Democratic Party. He has remained
a loyal party man, despite the numerous attempts to frustrate him.
May we also state here without any equivocation that what is happening
between the Dickson camp and CAP in Bayelsa State is the mere
demonstration of an Abuja-sponsored hatchet job that backfired. No one
is deceived. Kuboh was an Abuja brainchild meant to throw a spanner in
the works for Chief Sylva. But the plot became a vicissitude. The
attempt to now draw Sylva into the crisis is at best silly.





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