An internationally acclaimed  anti-corruption crusader, Comrade Timi Frank yesterday backed calls by prominent Nigerians and the National Assembly for the immediate impeachment of President Goodluck Jonathan from office in view of  the crisis surrounding the failure to implement the 2012 budget.

Timi,who is the Director of Outreach of the Anticorruption Network,an organisation fighting for a free society in Africa,said his organisation has concluded plans to mobilise five million Nigerians to take over the popular Eagle square and sustain the calls for the impeachment of Jonathan and the sack of the two high profile ministers.

Comrade Timi also asked Ministers of Finance and that of petroleum resources, Mrs Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala  and Diezani Alison  respectively,to quietly step down for their incompetence, inefficiency and failure to guide the government before Nigerians force them to quit.

In a heavily worded press statement made available to  the media yesterday and personally signed by Comrade Timi, only  such a revolution can bring back the lost glory to good governance in Nigeria and achieve the desired change in a fast growing world that Nigeria has refused to be a positive player.

Timi said he was vindicated about the president when he shouted against his election  in 2011 because he has not shown requisite leadership qualities deserving of Nigeria’s confidence during his over one year of acting presidency after the death of former president Umaru Musa Yar’Adua.

‘i want to let you know that it is not for nothing that prominent personalities like Rev Tunde Bakare and others  are shouting against what is happening in the country right now. It is disheartening to note the obvious lack of will and capacity to deliver. We are tired of people who can not work and yet forcefully holding on to political power. The level of corruption has grown geometricall from being in billions to trillions now,and no thieve is being dealth with.

Look at the fuel subsidy drama where thieves are exchanging pleasantries and the anticorruption agencies like the EFCC and the ICPC are watching like films in a movie. It is very shameful that both the EFCC and the ICPC have compromised and are not doing their jobs. They are comfortable discussing the issues from the comfort of their offices and not arresting and prosecuting the criminals. We have lost confidence in them’.

According to him,’ Nigerians have been pushed to the world and the next reasonable step and action is open protest to save themselves from the hands of  those who are burying them alive. Revolution is necessary and inevitable in view of the level of anguish and pain. Nigerians must come out and speak for themselves and not keep dying in silence. We are mobilising ourselves and all good thinking people to come out enmass to assembly in Abuja to match into the Aso Rock Villa. No one can stop us’.

Timi admonished the senate president and the speaker,David mark and Aminu Tambuwal  not to be intimidated by the presidency, assuring them of a massive support from the masses



  1. Here we go again! All these emergency activists are it again. Instead of commending someone like the minister of finance that is ensuring that fiscal responsibility is restored to the economy, they are busy castigating her.

    So far, the minister of finance is making an appreciable impacts on the economy.

  2. Timi does not sound like a Yoruba or Hausa name. Sounds like Niger Delta name. Infact he is Ijaw by tribe. He does not have relationship with Pastor Bakare except that they are both Nigerians who are disappointed by a lackluster and rudderless president.


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