SSS, JTF Uncover Sallah Attack Plan In Kano


A massive attack planned to be launched during the coming Sallah celebration in Kano has been exposed.

A joint operation by the Joint Security Task Force (JTF) and members of the State Security Service (SSS) exposed the plot in a raid which led to the arrest of three suspected gunmen at Gadar Bayero near Taburawa in the outskirts of Kano metropolis.

State director of the State Security Service Mr Bassey Ettang disclosed this while briefing newsmen in Kano on Saturday. He said the suspects were apprehended during an early morning raid at their suspected hideout at Tamburawa town.

Mr. Ettang said that the suspected gunmen had planned to carry out attacks on the city during the forthcoming Eid-el-Fitr celebration, but were apprehended.

During the raid, 12 assorted magazines, 90 packs of knock- out, 3 face masks, 2.5 litre of nitric acids and 55 syringes used by the gunmen for addiction while carrying out their acts were recovered.

‘’The operation, which was carried out based on an intelligence report of the activities of the terrorists who operate at the outskirts of Kano now, also recovered some quantity of primed IEDs ready for detonation along with military uniforms to be used by the gunmen,’’ he said.

He said the intelligent report indicated that the material and the ordinances were to be used on the innocent people of Kano during the Sallah festivities and said that some of the items recovered during the raid included 33 improvised explosive devices, and over 739 rounds of ammunition.

The director noted that the gunmen have fled Kano because it is no longer safe for them to operate within the city, but now decided to relocate outside the city.

Source – Leadership



  1. You can see for yourself that all these attacks are being carried out by unfaithful muslims who disguise under the umbrella of islam. How is it possible that a fellow muslim would want to kill his fellow brother just like a christian will not do the same. The ideology of these blood suckers are different from muslims. GOD is watching everybody.


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