Prominent northern families battle to be IGP Abubakar’s in-law

IGP, Mohammed Abubakar

The Inspector General of Police [IGP], Mohammed Abubakar, apart from the National Security issues plaguing the country, may have more to battle with on the home front.

Information recently made available to through sources close to the IGP alleged that a latent battle had been brewing between some notable families in northern Nigeria over who would replace the late wife of the IGP, Hajia Mariam M. Abubakar, who passed away on January 30, 2012 after a protracted illness in Kano State.

IGP Mohammed Abubakar, who turned 54 years on May 5, 2012, was appointed to the seat of IGP on acting capacity on Wednesday January 25, 2012, following the abrupt sack of the former IGP. On Thursday July 12, 2012, roughly six months after, the Nigerian Police Council [NPC] confirmed Abubakar’s appointment. But before his confirmation, another tragedy struck in his family – his mother died on Wednesday April 11, 2012 after a brief illness, also in Kano State.

However, the mixed bag of tragedies and blessings appears not to deter notable families in northern Nigeria from struggling to have their daughters replace the IGP’s dead wife.

Seven [7] months after the death of the wife of the IGP, the struggle for the position of Mrs. Mohammed Abubakar is gradually heating up among these families, despite the Hausa tradition which forbids a man from remarrying shortly after the death of his wife.

Information available to alleges that the family of the Emir of Gusau – Gusau Emirate Council, Mohammed Danbaba, has offered the daughter of the Emir to the IGP. Particularly, one of the daughters named Princess Aminu Mohammed Danbaba – a 29 year old dark beauty – was offered to the IGP by the father – as a potential wife.

Amina and the IGP are from the same town. Arrangements for the two [IGP and Amina] to meet were facilitated by the Emir. Our source alleged that the IGP was not impressed and/or interested in Amina – although he had yet to relay his feelings to the Emir or his daughter, Amina.
“He [IGP] is not interested in Amina. He rejected her,” said our source. Amina is not university trained – and credible information has it she was once married – a marriage which was forced on her as she graduated secondary school. The marriage did not last long. Princess Amina is presently unemployed but engages in ‘little businesses’.

Also in the race is the ‘goddaughter’ of the former first lady of the nation, Hajia Turai Yar’Adua – a 25 year-old brown complexioned beauty from Katsina State – by the name, Na’mah Abdullahi Radda who is currently a student of Bayero University Kano.
Na’mah is the biological daughter of a retired Judge and owner of A. I. Radda Law Chambers in Katsina. She was introduced to the IGP by her cousin, the wife of a one time IGP, Ibrahim Coomassie [1993 – 1999], Zainab Coomassie.

Na’mah Abdullahi Radda

Our source alleged that arrangements for the two [Na’mah and IGP] to meet were made two weeks after the death of IGP’s wife – the meeting allegedly took place at Tahir Guest House in Badawa Crescent in Kano State. The two also meet two other times, one at the IGP office on April 30, 2012 and the other at the home of the former IGP, Ibrahim Coomassie in Katsina State. According to our source, the IGP appears to fancy Na’mah over Princess Amina and the other women.

Credible but unverified source alleged that a not too warm relationship had developed between the two families. In particular, the family of the Emir of Gusau allegedly approached the family of Radda to caution them to stay away from the IGP – informing them that their daughter [Na’mah] is below the social status to marry the IGP – that she is nowhere near the ‘class’ of Princess Amina. The two families, in turn, have allegedly turned the affair into a clash – exchanging bitter text messages and verbal threats.

Meanwhile, our source alleges that the IGP has been soft on marriage promises to Na’mah. According to the source, the IGP is hesitant to make the move this year owing to the recent death of his wife. Also, Na’mah is expected to complete her post graduate diploma later this year.
Abubakar was previously married to two wives. Roughly two years ago, he divorced his second wife – leaving behind his first wife who died in January of this year. The two marriages left him a single man again with three children -a male first child [Jamilu, 26] and two female children.



  1. Point of correction, it is not forbidden in Hausa land for a Man to re-marry soon after the death of his wife. But Islamically it is forbidden for a woman to re-marry soon after the death of her husband until after about 4 months, and this is aim to avoid getting married while pregnant for the late husband.


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