SSS Quiz Gov Kwankwaso’s Son, Mustapha Kwankwaso

Kano State Governor, Malam Rabiu Kwankwaso

Information recently made available to through sources close to the happenings within the government house at Kano State reveal that the elder son of the Governor of Kano, Mustapha Kwankwaso was quizzed by the agents of the State Security Services [SSS] over a drug induced drunken altercation with an Imam and the men of the joint task force [JTF] at Kundila along Maiduguri road in Kano State.

The incident occurred on Sunday June 17, 2012 at Kundila along Maiduguri road at 1pm when the elder son of the State governor of Kano, Mustapha Kwankwaso aged in his mid-twenties drove in a Honda vehicle [aka discussion continues] with two other friends – and arrived at a traffic congestion caused by a JTF checkpoint. The driver of the Honda vehicle who was the son of the Governor, maneuvered the vehicle into the other lane facing the incoming traffic – in attempts to overtake the traffic congestion and thus the JTF checkpoint.

Unfortunate for the youngster, as he steered the vehicle violently into the other lane and began racing the vehicle in a manner deemed reckless, he was said to have nearly struck down an Imam of a nearby Mosque housed at a nearby housing estate. But the Imam was said to have ran into the sidewalk in attempt to save his life.

The people nearby who saw what had happened rushed to the aide of the Imam. As the residents comforted the Imam – who is said to be well known in the area – the son of the Governor pounced out of the vehicle in anger tantrum.

Mustapha, according to a police witness who to spoke to revealed that when Mustapha alighted from the vehicle – that he was too drunk to stand up right “his speech was somehow” and the “boy looked dazed and his eyes were bloodshot”.

As Mustapha tried to speak, it was evident his tongue was bluish green in coloration – resulting from a new fashion drug popular among children of well to do men in Kano.

And so, as the clearly intoxicated Mustapha pounced out of his vehicle, the standers by were taken aback as he pounced on the Imam to begin raining insults and threats on the Imam – threatening to hand him over to the men of the JTF as a Boko Haram suspect. This quickly resulted to a rebuke from the people who had gathered to comfort the Imam. The rebuke further angered Mustapha – who then turned to open the trunk of his vehicle in a move to retrieve what was believed to be weapon. As he opened the trunk, he told them he will blast them. Accoring to the police, “he brought out a gun from the boot of his car“.

It took the quick intervention of an SSS officer stationed near the site of altercation who alerted the men of the JTF of the unfolding incident. As the JTF officers arrived, the young Mustapha introduced himself as the son of the State Governor – and quickly asked for the Imam to be dealt with. But the SSS officer who witnessed the entire brouhaha signaled to the JTF and briefed them of what had transpired and told them that he [SSS fellow] is determined to see that the Governor’s son pay for the unnecessary embarrassment of the Imam and nose-thumbing at the law. The SSS officer then detained the Governor’s son at the Kundila roundabout and alerted the director of SSS.

As the Director was contacted, he was told initially that the Governor’s son had pulled a dangerous weapon against the Imam and against the SSS officer. The Director’s first reaction was to issue a directive for the boy to be brought in Mustapha to the SSS office. This directive made it seem the Governor’s son was under arrest – or about to be arrested by SSS. Immediately, the Governor’s son began working the phone lines and pleading to be forgiven. Through the pleadings of the governor’s son and the intervention of other high ranking members of the State security apparatus – the Director of SSS cautioned Mustapha – and told him to report to the SSS office at a later date – to iron out the details of the case. The SSS Director, in talking to, indicated that the governor’s son was never officially arrested.



  1. Like father, like son. An antelope will not run, while its baby crawls. “malam” Rabiu kwankwaso! Wat a funny title! I have neva heard som1 call him malam. Just call him Enginemere


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