Victor Umeh Offers APGA Guber to Shady Oil Mogul, Ifeanyi Uba for N240million

Ifeanyi Ubah

The scramble for the All Progressive Grand Alliance [APGA] appears to have intensified. This is as information recently made available to through sources close to the activities of the party in Anambra State reveals that the embattled chairman of the party may have already sold the gubernatorial ticket to a shady oil businessman from Nnewi, Ifeanyi Uba – the chief executive officer of Capital Oil.

APGA appears divided over its new leadership largely due to the tussle over whom to succeed the current governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi as his term comes to an end in February 6, 2014. Principal sources tell our correspondent that Victor Umeh during the period when involved committees prepared for the burial arraignment of Ikemba Nnewi – was engaged in intense marketing of the gubernatorial ticket to various business moguls around the State.

The marketing of the gubernatorial ticket began as cracks in the party started to appear – and as some within the government began to demand of the chairman to account for some the monies made available to him for the ‘supposed’ management of the party. In particular, gathered that the N20million paid to the party on a monthly basis for the management of the party – could not be accounted for by Victor Umeh. The embattled chairman was said to have collected the monies personally on a monthly basis. And following his inability to account for the monies, the governor of Anambra State was said to halt further payments into the account.

The governor’s refusal to continue the payment without proper accounts led the embattled chairman into the hands of the shady oil mogul from Nnewi, Anambra State by the name Mr. Ifeanyi Uba. The embattled chairman approached the oil mogul with the offer of a gubernatorial ticket in return for a fee. And as gathered, Mr Ifeanyi Uba has been harboring unpronounced aspirations for becoming the governor of Anambra State. It was not difficult to convince Ifeanyi Uba – who took interest and asked for what will be required to get the ticket. Chief Victor Umeh simply told him that it will take him – to take over the financial upkeep of the party – to the tuned of N20million monthly. Ifeanyi Uba agreed and made available N240million for one year’s worth – and then registered as a member of APGA.

With Ifeanyi Uba’s agreement, the entire members of the national executive committee [NEC] and national working committee [NWC] was invited to parley with Ifeanyi Uba – and monies were made available by Ifeanyi Uba and distributed to each member of the NEC and the NWC – in return for unadulterated allegiance. And so, the NWC and the NEC under the new regime of a reinvigorated Victor Umeh found in Ifeanyi Uba a new political godfather.

Informed sources close to Ifeanyi Uba indicate that Ifeanyi Uba may have not completed his secondary school education. His company is reported among the companies that received FOREX from the central bank of Nigeria against the importation of petrol to the tune of N30billion – but failed to import the said petrol. The said company is reported to owe banks monies in excess of N70billion.



  1. 2014 in Nigeria’s political calendar is like 200 years away, yet Anambrarians are already causing ripples over who succeeds Gov. Obi.
    You wish Igbos would concentrate more on how to succeed President Jonathan instead of this squabbling for a little plate of porridge.


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