Abuja Land Scandal: How Sen. Bala Mohammed Uses his Wife’s Junior Brother for Billion Naira Land Scams



Senator Bala Mohammed, FCT Minister

Despite the on-going efforts of the federal government to fight corrupt practices in all facets of our national life, corrupt practices are on the increase in the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) as authoritatively recently revealed to 247ureports.com.

A source close to the office of the FCT Minister, who pleaded for anonymity, revealed that a junior brother to the FCT Minister’s wife, Umaru Shayi, who was idling away in Bauchi and believed to be one of those aides appointed by the minister for a hatchet job, is involved in swindling unsuspecting land applicants in the FCDA. Umaru Shayi is presently the Special Assistant to the FCT Minister on Domestic Matters – and is the proud owner of Aulad Filling Stations in Bauchi – with one of the major filling stations located along the Bauchi-Jos Road. Umaru Shayi is the younger brother to the farvorite wife [the 2nd wife] of the FCT Minister. The 1st wife to the FCT Minster who is said to be the daughter of the late emir of Bauchi State does not live with the Minister – she resides in Garki while the second wife resides with the Minister at Life Camp Estate.

It was revealed that part of the proceed realized from the various scandals was used in the construction of two filing stations in Miri village a suburb of Bauchi metropolis situated along-Bauchi Jos road while his sister who is said to be the favourite of the minister’s two wives uses part of the proceed to construct an estate in Abuja to provide him cover from her husband and anti-corruption agencies.

Sen Bala Mohammed in his traditional garb

The source further said, apart from Umaru Shayi, Manu Muhammed, a junior brother to the minister who swindled innocent land applicants several billions of naira, was sacked on the order of the minister and forced to make refund by the EFCC who was invited to the case just as Abdul Azeez, an aide to the minister was forced out of the FCDA for swindling innocent applicants over N300million.

“N4billion was discovered in Manu’s bank account after it was reported by the media which compelled the minister to hurriedly sack him but the EFCC refused the sack and took up the case immediately. He is now forced to make refund to those he duped though he still owns several houses at Kado in the FCT that were constructed from the scandal.

Not only that, it was revealed to 247ureports.com that a 4-year old daughter of the FCT Chief of Staff, was scandalously allocated a plot of land in the FCT which was later sold at over N250million. There is a group that front for the senior staff of FCDA and very close to the minister whose job is to pick numbers of approved applications and convert same to themselves for sale to the highest bidder and submit return to their masters.  The group was before under the supervision of a brother to the minister who used part of  the accumulated proceed to buy his present residential house in Bauchi at N70million from the State’s former speaker, Halliru Jika.

Other scandals going on in the FCDA include collection of estacode for fictitious overseas official trips by the FCT Minister’s favorite wife and chain of fake aides amounting to over N1billion while the director treasury of the Authority is alleged to be one of the richest civil servants in Nigeria for amassing so much from several financial scandals.

“The Federal Government should probe land allocations in the FCT as even dead people are allocated land by the minister for fraudulent reasons” it was said



  1. Rubbish and highly immature write-up please go and learn how they do mischief before going to press you are still 20 million miles away from it. I laugh!!!!!!


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