Kaduna Crisis: Fulani Soldier Kills 6 Christians in Kujama


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Blood continues to flood the streets of Kaduna/Kachia in Kujama, headquarter of Chikun Local government Area of Kaduna state for six [6] consecutive days following the multiple bombings of Christian places of worship on Sunday June 17, 2012 in southern Kaduna. Information available to 247ureports.com indicates that the shoot at sight order given to the men of the joint task force [JTF – operation yaki] may have resulted to shooting death of six [6] men of Christian origin and natives of Kujama by a Fulani military man stationed along Kaduna/Kachi road – including 12 others that sustained injuries.

The team of men from Operation Yaki had been dispatched to the vicinity of Kijama today Thursday June 21, 2012 following the bloody riot at the Kujama market place yesterday Wednesday June 20, 2012 that saw the death of estimated 10 people, both Muslims and Christians. The security forces were charged with returning peace to the community – and a ‘free-hand’ to shoot at sight.

According to community leaders and eyewitness reports, the security forces acted in a manner depicting attempts at executing judicial killings.  As gathered, one of the military men suspected to be of Fulani in origin “took it upon himself” to enter into homes to fish out people at will. And those who attempted to escape during the fishing out exercise “were fired upon”. A Christian cleric who did not want his name mentioned said the Fulani soldier has been identified. He lamented that the soldier knows that the community is under curfew and the residents of the community were indoors. “But this soldier has been going to people houses, dragging them out while those who attempted to run he opened fire on them”, lamented the cleric.

The Cleric laments that if the government fails to checkmate the continued excesses of the security forces staged in Kugama that it might result to another crisis of reprisal attacks from the Christian youths. He pointed accusatory fingers at the Kaduna State police commissioner who had told the media that the fracas at Kujama community had been quelled.

The traditional rulers, on their part, are seeking for the withdrawal of the suspected military personnel from Kujama before more natives of Kujama are gun down.

Meanwhile, in a related development, an estimated 2,010 victims of the recent Kaduna sectarian crisis received relief items from the National Emergency Management Agency [NEMA] today June 21, 2012 at three Internally Displaced Camps at Nigerian Air force [NAF] Base, NDA Ribadu Cantonment and Dallet Barracks in Kaduna. The relief materials consistrf of 350 Bags of Rice, 40 bags of sugar, 140 jerry cans of cooking oil, 1500 blankets, 700 mattresses 800 mats 1400 plastic plates, 400 buckets, 200 pieces each of cups and spoons for the IDP’s in the camps.



  1. That soldier will one day be killed like a chicken. But what do we say of the idiots who call themselves military authorities who don’t know how to use their discretion on the selection of military personnel to send to troubled spots. Do you send a cat to watch over a rat. Sending a fulani muslim to an area like this is such. Did Petirin the CDS went to school at all. If he didn’t, did Ihijerika the COS passed his exams?

  2. You press men or media people must be very causious in your utterances if Nigeria must remain in peace. WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY ‘FULANI SOLDIER’ KILLING 6 CHRISTIANS? For God sake, does the military look at faces before they obey command? Or, have you ever mentioned about any christian soldier killing moslems? Haba mana! pls leave the military, being one of the institutions holding Nigeria together, alone. The reporter is not in anyway patriotic in my own view

  3. The guy is right, atleast wen curfw is impose, pple are suppose to b in there houses abi.. Then who on earth gave dis military man the right to go into pples homes and harassing them, when his duty is to b on the strt to assure the safetyness of the pple within his juridiction, some recruit hav no sense atall how wil he hav known the rioters or is dis the new style 2 send soldiers 2 kil pple in there homes i certaintly know they are going to get away wit dis bcos the next tin we wil hear is dt it was a mistake or he wil be dealt wit knowing fully well dat the hav already accomplish there plans. They are deceiving themselves and may God forgive them for there deed.


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