Man Caught With Explosives At Radio House: Exclusive Details

John Apovan from Nasarawa State

I am from Nassarawa state and my brother who was a Mobile Police Corporal served in Bayelsa State. His name was Aliyu Clement and he died in November 2011.When he came to the village, he fell sick and died. We sent signal to Bayelsa but the signal was said to have stopped on the way.” – stated the arrested man under interrogation who gave his name as John Apovan. He stated that the suspected bombs and ammunition belonged to his late brother who was a corporal with the Police Mobile Force in Bayelsa. He added also that he had decided to bring the package to Abuja to the Federal Minister of Information and Communication because he was afraid to go to the police.

But more details made available to through sources close to the dreaded Islamic group, the Boko Haram, indicates that man did not go to attack the top officials gathered at the Ministry of Information  – comprising of the ministers of Information, Labaran Maku; Aviation, Princess Stella Oduah and Youths, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi who were presenting  their achievements  at the Ministerial Platform in commemoration of  the forth-coming  Democracy Day and first anniversary of the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan.

The source revealed that the security operatives may have mistakenly and maybe unknowningly stumbled onto the modus operandi of the Boko Haram.

He explains that the arrested man, ‘John Apovan from Nasarawa State’, was not part of the attack soldiers. “He was not there to attack. His job was to smuggle the material into the premises“.

The gentle and responsible demeanor of the arrested man, ‘John Apovan from Nasarawa State’, as learnt, was the reason he was used to smuggle the weapons into the Radio House compound – and plant them somewhere for the would-be attackers on a later date.

As informed, the would-be attackers would pose a high security risk to have them carry the weapons on themselves. The weapons/exposives were to be planted carefully inside the compound – for the attackers to use -on the selected day of attack.

The source pointed to the attack at Bayero University Old Campus Kano as an example.

He reveals that the attack in Kano was staged in phases. “Women with children tied to their backs were used to smuggle attack materials into the campus” said the source who continued to explain that the security men stationed at the Gate were not concerned with searching such women thoroughly but “other means of smuggling were also used“. He explained that the discovery of unused explosives and ammunitions at the attack site at Bayero University Kano days later – were indicative that the weapons were planted there before the day of the attack – by other persons.

Interestingly, one of the persons used to smuggle materials into the campus has been fingered to be a man from Calabar, Mr. Effiong.

The source also revealed that the recent attempt at peace dialogue with a faction of the Boko Haram based in Borno State – the Ali Jos faction – may have not settled well with the Shekau led Boko Haram. Already, the Shekau led Boko Haram had sent out signals to the Federal Government of the dangers of dialoguing with the Ali Jos group. It is suspected that the Shekau group may embark on an intensified mission to prove their dominance of the Ali Jos faction.

[Democracy Day will be a day to remain in prayers.]



  1. God will for sure SAVE NIGERIANS from these people. We shld put more security measures down to monitor their activities

  2. God will for sure SAVE NIGERIANS from these people. We shld put more security measures down to monitor their activities. It is well

  3. let them cut off one of his fingers every 2 days you cut another one so that in his next world he’ll not think of killing people. the greatest problem I have here in our country is tomorrow you’ll see this same idiot walking on the street. let them kill him for Gods sake ,thats after getting informations from him. him and his his folks are stupid says me.

  4. I will advice the security agent to gather concrete informations from him to disclose there various activities scheduled to carried out later,the future agenda and aims…..

  5. Unfortunately John Apovan, is not a terrorist Daily Trust 2day(23/5/12) pag3-4 prov him right his brother Aliyu clement was actualy an ex mopol corporal that died,wit d pictures there nd dat of d wife, as a journalist was sent 2 verify his claims which ar true.
    There we go again a man brot grenade 4 submision nd Ak47 wit som bulets at d gate he was asked wot he was caryin he said he came 4 complain,b4 u could say hey, he was handcuffed nd d police even making heroesim out of it,now d man is confirm 2 av told dem d truth som1 said he shld av takin it 2 police station but he may b arested,detained nd even kiled 4 possesing such arms.He shld take d police 2 court 4 wrongly acusing him b4 d whole world nd let his late broda’s money b paid by d police,he did not resist arrest,he apear cute nd kempt yet he was humiliated,intrestingly (JNI) an islamic body in Nigeria av started celebratin it dat xtians ar also part of terrorism as a justification 2 wot their wards are doing even citing examples of where Xtian do more,wel,dey owe dis guy apology even xtian body as well and 4 once let dem cal their butcher machine which dey invented 2 order nd d likes of Buhari who som1 cal” Boko Haram personified”,as he has bn defending dem cos of d agenda they ar bn used 4,finaly,let’s find out a fact byond any doubt nd b objective 2 condem a wrong doer irespective of whether he’s on our side,by tribe or Religion, otherwise dis country wil crumble b4 our eyes,a stich in time save nine,it even saved ten,I rest my case.


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