BreakingNews: Imo State Civil Servants Go On Strike Today


Information reaching indicates the civil servants of the Imo State government have gone on strike. The strike began today as the workers made their way to work.

As gathered through a source at the Owerri State Secretariat in Imo State, the state workers led by the national labor union [NLC] declared a strike over the Governor of Imo State’s attempt to commercialize the various ministries, departments and parastatals of the State government. The particular bone of contention, according to the source is the previous agreement between the NLC and the State Governor over the status of the workers wage under the new commercialization regime. The State government had earlier promised to maintain the earlier promised minimum wage salaries after the commercialization program has been completely implemented.

Under the commercialization of the various state ministries, departments and parastatals, each of the government ministries will be made to operate as a financially independent entity – to be responsible for its income and expenditure. Each of the entities will operate as a profit making venture rather than cash-guzzling entity. Information available to indicates that the leader of the NLC in the state, Reginald Anyadike is concerned with the possibility and/or reality of maintaining the salary wages of the workers. In talking to our correspondent, Anyadike noted that while he is aware that some of the worker stand a chance at making more money under the new commercialization regime, he remains concerned over the ministries/department/parastatal’s capability to retain the state workers at the prescribed wages. For this reason, among others the NLC declared a strike.

The commissioner of information and strategy, Dr. David Duruji  when contacted by indicated that the two sides are presently holed up in talks. He added that the strike has been resolved in principle – adding also that he expects the workers to resume work tomorrow.

Independent inquiry reveals that the State government and members of the NLC are presently involved in negotiations – geared towards resolving the issue today.



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