2015 Presidency: ACN / CPC Dialogue Over Gov Fashola

Gov Fashola of Lagos State

The permutations of 2015 presidency has begun. Information available to 247ureports.com through sources close to the headquarters of the Congress for Progressive Change [CPC] indicate that the political owners of the Action Congress of Nigeria [ACN] and the CPC have openned channels of communication against the upcoming presidential elections of 2015. This is as stalwarts within the two political parties have sighted the unfolding political upheaval squiring around the regions of the country as an opportunity. A source confirmed.

According to the information received, the feelers from within the political movers of the two parties indicate President Goodluck Jonathan is near certain to not join the presidential race in 2015. According to the source, the growing religious tensions among the religious fundamentalist in the various regions of the country is believed to play the determinant role on President Jonathan’s decision to walk away from the polls. They believe that the President will make the decision  to not contest largely due to the expected unrest in some regions of the country, and lesser on his pledge to serve one term only.

On the mood of the silent rejection by the north of President Jonathan’s presidency and the southwest outpouring of public anger towards the presidency following the sudden hike in the price of petrol – along with the striking silence of the southeast and south south regions of the country, the two parties believe they could tap into the opportunity. In their take, the southwest and the north will not vote for a Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] candidate for President in 2015.

This notion is boosted by a recent online chat where the former minister to the federal capital territory of Nigeria, Malam Nasiru El Rufai [a member of CPC] told 247ureports.com that the CPC would prefer Governor Fashola of Lagos State be given the presidential ticket – aside from General Buhari who was the presidential flag-bearer for the CPC in the 2011 elections. A source in CPC however discounts Gen Buhari’s ambition as unattainable in 2015 owing to the perception of Buhari being a religious zealot. Non-Muslims are reported to be uneasy with Buhari’s candidacy. According to the source, Gov Fashola [also a Muslim] does not carry the same baggage that Gen Buhari carries – and would not alienate non-Muslims around the other regions of the country.

Talks between agents of the General’s presidential campaign team and that of ACN are taking place in Abuja“, stated a source in the government house in Lagos who went on to deny that Governor Fashola is considering dumping the ACN for the CPC – and that the governor has not indicated interest in the joint presidential ticket. The source however stated that the governor has been in talks with top CPC personalities in the likes of Pastor Tunde Bakare, Malam Nasiru El Rufai along with Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] governors from two northern states. The source admitted that although the Lagos State governor might have not made a decision, his body language and demeanor indicates “he is entertaining it“.

Adding an unlikely twist, Governors of two northern States, Kano and Jigawa States, in the persons of Gov Kwankwaso and Gov Lamido, both PDP members have indicated interest in joining the presidential race in 2015 under the PDP – just as the Vice President of Nigeria, Arc Namadi Sambo has also indicated interest in joining the fray. Sambo’s decision to join the fray has in turn changed the dynamics for the two northern governors – because of the fear the of not winning the PDP presidential ticket against the candidate-ship of Sambo. This realization has in turn led them to the doorsteps of the CPC and ACN -particularly to the office of the Lagos State governor.

The former governor of Lagos State and the strongman of ACN, Bola Tinubu is reported to be determined to beat the PDP in the upcoming 2015 presidential race. He is said to have begun underground preparations against the 2015 exercise. According to a source, Tinubu has made clear indications to the northern political elite that the ACN is willing to collaborate to produce a joint ticket in 2015. In particular, the ACN strong man has begun marketing of Gov Fashola to the northern political elite as a viable candidate that is sell-able to the south and to the north. According to sources, Bola Tinubu has met with some Governor’s of the States in the north – the likes of Gov Nyako of Adamawa State and others.

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  1. Gov Fashola of Lagos State no one can beat him in 2015 election he will win anybody or any political party fashola i will support with anything i have my vote and my peoples from south east will support you go fashola go no body can stop you, you deserver there good man with good vision you will lead us well i know may my good lord grant you your heart deseryer amen.

  2. Governor Fashola of Lagos state is best among equalls. The oposition should not lose this chance unless we want to join in the polictics of ethnicity. NIGERIANS! Lets reflect a little and remember that, TODAY WAS YESTERDAY’s TOMORROW and TODAY SHALL BE TOMORROW’s YESTERDAY.

  3. I can wait for the time! Fashola will surely make it at the North, and Nigeria at large. Count me in with those I can convince ! Fashola 2015 no shaking !

  4. Once bitten twice… the previous hypocracy has resurfaced again with the same actors on board. God forbid a repeat of where we are today. Suspicion will never allow the progress of the country, where religion, language or geographical locations matter most as against transparent records of accomplishments.These same hypocrites will hand Nigerians over to the myopic PDP’s misrule agin. Oh God, save us from this catastrophe.

  5. Nigerian will not go for a man who value not education,the man who makes light tough for the poor,HE increased the university school fees to 300,000.
    I will not vote 4 politicians errand boy,he built toe gate within d state,and he deprive them d free flow of their cars..he is not our CHOICE…Think twice…

  6. I think it is too early at this point to start discussing 2015 election as this could leed to a divert of concentration on a futuristic political agenda rather than focus on relevant administrative issues. The said Fashola is still the Governor of Lagos state, if during the course of this talk some calculations and machinations are needed this will take is focus away.

  7. Its only a fool that will vote for Fashola and his All criminals of Nigeria(ACN). Its unfortunate that people are carried away by mere ‘flower plantation’ of Fasholas admistration. An ethnic jingoist like Fashola can only succeed in being ODUA REPUBLIC PRESIDENT not Nigerian president. Acn is party of cards and looters’ club. Lagos state budget is highest in Nigeria and yet nothing they can boast of it if not the fact that federal government has put most of the basic infrastructures on ground in Lagos than any other states. High cost of university fee, Toll at Lekki, illegal arrest and turturing of the downtrodden, massive rigging etc. You better enjoy ur looted money than wasting it on impossible ambition!

  8. curiosity killed d cat so also wil over ambition kil d those evil men who dont want d poor surve, thankgod for god for if men were god, MY CANDIDATE FOR 2015 IS MYSELF. from my name i will SAVE naija frm d hands of d destryers.

  9. Fashola will have been better without Tinubu bcos Tinubu is another human being this country should pray to die and leave us alone

  10. fashola will not be the right choice when we say we are zoning. what about the south-east nd north-central. i either go 4 rochas or divid mark.

  11. This is too early, this is just to dismare and disorganize GEJ administration. Beside Fashola is a good man but those pushing him will be the one to rule if he climbs, so i dont think he will make bcos of the terraine he is going to follow.

    • Then Let Make Buhari/Fashola2015!!! The Head that Will Rule will Surely Rule. ACN!!!!!!!!!! Democracy For Justice!


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