Jonathan Appoints Nuhu Ribadu to head Petroleum Task Force

President Goodluck Jonathan has appointed former EFCC Chairman, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu to head a task force on Petroleum rvenue Task Force.
Below is the press statement on the appointment:
Consistent with the policies and promises of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s Administration, and underpinned by the yearnings of the people of Nigeria for transparency in the Petroleum Industry, the Honourable Minister of Petroleum Resources has set up a Petroleum Revenue Special Task Force designed to enhance probity and accountability in operations of the Petroleum Industry.
The Petroleum Revenue Special Task Force, whose membership is listed below, is charged with the following terms of reference:
Terms of Reference
1.               To work with consultants and experts to determine and verify all petroleum upstream and downstream revenues (taxes, royalties, etc.) due and payable to the Federal Government of Nigeria;
2.               To take all necessary steps to collect all debts due and owing; to obtain agreements and enforce payment terms by all oil industry operators;
3.               To design a cross debt matrix between all Agencies and Parastatals of the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources;
4.               To develop an automated platform to enable effective tracking, monitoring, and online validation of income and debt drivers of all Parastatals and Agencies in the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources;
5.               To work with world-class consultants to integrate systems and technology across the production chain to determine and monitor crude oil production and exports, ensuring at all times, the integrity of payments to the Federal Government of Nigeria; and,
6.               To submit monthly reports for ministerial review and further action.
1.   Mallam Nuhu Ribadu                 –       Chairman
2.   Mr. Steve Oronsaye                     –       Dep. Chairman
3.   Mallam Abba Kyari                     –       Member
4.   Ms. Benedicta Molokwu             –       Member
5.   Mr. Supo Sasore, SAN                 –       Member
6.   Mr. Tony Idigbe, SAN                 –       Member
7.   Mr. Anthony George-Ikoli, SAN       –       Member
8.   Dr. (Mrs.) Omolara Akanji         –       Member
9.   Mr. Olisa Agbakoba, SAN         –       Member
10. Mr. Ituah Ighodalo                      –       Member
11.  Mr. Bon Otti                                 –       Member
12.  Prof. Olusegun Okunnu            –       Member
13. Mallam Samaila Zubairu            –       Member
14. Mr.Ignatius Adegunle                 –       Member
15. Mr. Gerald Ilukwe                       –       Member
16. Rep. of FIRS                                 –       Ex-Officio
17. Rep. of FMF Incorporated          –       Ex-Officio


    • @Paiko U HATE UR COUNTRY,u ar calling 4 revolution, wait a minute, do u even know what that menas??? let me ask u ar u willing 2 c ur relatives die in d so called REVOLUTION? wott D arab world did and is destroying it, u want to start it abi??? I dnt blame u, evn if d nation falls, ur type dnt ave anytin to loose cos have notin.HISTORY & POSTERITY WILL NT 4GIVE UN UR SPONSORS!

    • @Paiko U HATE UR COUNTRY,u ar calling 4 revolution, wait a minute, do u even know what that menas??? let me ask u ar u willing 2 c ur relatives die in d so called REVOLUTION? wott D arab world did and is destroying it, u want to start it abi??? I dnt blame u, evn if d nation falls, ur type dnt ave anytin to loose cos have notin.HISTORY & POSTERITY WILL NT 4GIVE U N UR SPONSORS!

  1. Hahahahahahaha, Jonathan strikes again! How many states in Nigeria qualify as oil producing states and how come people from ALL the oil producing states not represented on this committee and WHY is Ribadu the Chairman of this committee, is this a reward for running as an ACN presidential candidate and SPILTING votes from Buhari to ensure Jonathan wins? Wake up Nigerians! Ribadu is a man who ran for the president of Nigeria while he already accepted a post with the UN, this is the same man that said on one occassion that OBJ is not corrupt while at the same time running to the US Ambassador saying how corrupt OBJ is. On top of this, he bad mouthed Nigeria at every opportunity he had to foreign governments. Are we this stupid or we are being taken for granted? I dey laff, jare

    • I sometimes wonder if stating the obvious is bad mouthing because it’s said aloud for all to hear. Fela pretty much did the same thing all his life but it never once diminished his love for his country. you might want to change your name to something that’s more worthy of your comments. Just a suggestion, I mean, what do I really know..

    • Excuse me, do you call arresting someone before gathering evidence competence, do you call trying cases in the news paper competence, how many convictions did Ribadu really get besides Balogun, what happened to all the funds Ribadu “RECOVERED”, what happened to the $15million bribe money, was Ribadu’s father inlaw in government when he “bought” a government house for Ribadu as a wedding gift, wasn’t the house supposed to be sold to government officials only? these were all in Nigeria new papers .. except you want to tell me that all these news papers and reporters are liars. Ribadu was fired from the police for insubordination, for
      refusing to report at his post, people can twist it anyway the want, Ribadu was a police (crooks)officer first before anything else, and therefore was bound by his police oath and duties .. In the military, his refusal to report at his post calls for court marshall. I respected Ribadu till I read about these things. As far as am concerned, in the western society which Ribadu always runs to, he will never be allowed near any government apparatus .. ask Oliver North. Ribadu is as crooked as they come .. abeg dont get me started, please. This is his reward for spliting votes from Buhari. Dont get me wrong, am not a Buhari fan and as far as am concerned, the sooner we go our separet ways the better for everyone .. Fcuk the North! If this is what all the killings from ’67-70 to keep Nigeria one was all about, we are screwed!

  2. Sometimes u wonder wat Nigerians really want! Y dont we give mr president benefit of doubt to see how the new move will work out. Nuhu may be frm watever state for all i care, for now we want solution and not sentiments.

  3. @Sani Dauda u dont seem 2 understand my comment, i’m not praying for any rovolution watsoever in Nigeria. It is a prophesy that was prophesied by someone ( i wont mention name) that their would be crisis throughout Jonathan regime nd he wont suvive it uptil 2015. I love my fatherland nd i pray God protect us all 4rm d menace of boko haram

  4. I realy pity this country, it seem we dont even know where we belong,the politician have so basterdise our mind, that what seem to be mormal is now the abnormal,and anomalys is now normal.How on earth could Honor of a man be sacrifice for a position,where is is now the Honor,these pple are just fooling us, look at charade,discharge without honor,presidential candidate,now task force chairman.On what basis?
    That Obj used and dumped,hunted down by the hunted, seeking retribution tru ACN candidacy and loose badly, now petroluem task force committee. GOD save us.


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