Salami: Justice Uwais’s Secret Deal With Tinubu Revealed. How They Corrupted The Judiciary

Tinubu at a trial

by Citizen Reporter

With controversies still trailing the planned recall of the suspended
President of the Court of Appeal (PCA), Justice Isa Ayo Salami,
clandestine involvement of former Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN),
Justice Mohammed Uwais and former Lagos State Governor and Action
Congress of Nigeria (ACN) National Leader, Bola Tinubu has been

A Lagos based group, Allied Progressive Movement (APM) revealed in a
letter to the National Security Adviser (NSA), General Andrew Azazi
the secret meetings held with Justice Uwais between April 2009 and
February 2011 on the use of the judiciary to secure electoral
victories for the ACN.

Copy of the letter, dated December 26, 2011 and signed by APM
Coordinator, Kola Ajayi and  Secretary General Mutiu Shadimu was
obtained by our reporter. It was titked; “Tinubu/Uwais Alliance
Corrupting the Judiciary.”

The letter read; “We wish to bring to your attention sir the unhealthy
relationship between Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, former Governor of
Lagos State and Mr. Justice Muhammed Uwais, former Chief Justice of
Nigeria (CJN). Over a period of two years the two have consistently
engaged in activities that are detrimental to the integrity of the
judiciary and debilitating to the cause of all those who seek justice
from a honest, transparent, honourable and uncorrupted judiciary that
deals equity with clean hands. The attached document titled “Tinubu as
a Virus in the Judiciary The Uwais Connection” provides detail
information on this alliance between the duo.

“The attachment also highlights in particular the corrupting influence
of Justice Uwais on Justice Salami at the instance of Senator Bola
Tinubu and Justice Uwais unrelenting effort to redeem Justice Salami.
Justice Uwais obviously saw an opportunity when he was appointed to
head the NJC’s Judicial Reform panel. He appears to be making
desperate effort to coerce the new Chief Justice Musdapher to recall
Justice Salami from suspension and cleansed of perjury. The timing and
his tenacity clearly raise suspicion of a possible link to the
approaching determination of the ongoing Presidential election appeal.

“In the interest of the Judiciary in particular and the nation in
general, We hereby urge you sir to use your good offices to order a
thorough investigation into the information provided in the attached
and the people mentioned in it. We are convinced your investigation
will no doubt confirm the roles being played by Senator Tinubu and his
allies like Justice Uwais to destroy the nation’s judiciary just to
promote personal, political and economic interests. We also appeal to
you sir to use your good offices to do the needful so that sanity and
impeccability, honour and integrity can be restored to the judiciary.”


Tinubu as a Virus in the Judiciary: The Uwais Connection
For some time, there has been serious national concern on the level of
corruption in the Judiciary. It has become imperative that efforts be
made to locate the epicenter of this corrupting influence in the hope
that the authorities can do something about it to help restore sanity.

2.Two people, who have worked closely with each other to corrupt the
judiciary are
Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, former Governor of Lagos State and Justice Muhammed
Uwais, former Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN). Some of their known
activities are
detailed below which shows that at least since 2009, Justice Uwais
consistently worked with and at the behest of Tinubu to pervert
justice at the highest level. Senator Tinubu and Justice Uwais
relationship actually dates back to the linguistically inchoate
decision of the Uwais Supreme Court on the inchoate nature of Local
Government creation in Lagos by Tinubu’s administration.

3. At a meeting in Lagos on April 5, 2009 attended by Tinubu’s men
known as “Team
Lagos”, Tinubu boasted that his main man to do the hatchet work for
him in the Judiciary was Uwais. Those present at that meeting included
Rauf Aregbesola (now Governor), Chief Ajomale, Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde (a
musician popularly known as KWAM1), Chief Badmus (aka Kosija, Vice
Chairman, OPC, Fasheun faction; he is now late), Rafiu Olohunwa, etc.

4. On Wednesday, May 20, 2009, Tinubu conveyed a meeting at Aregbesola’s house
on Oduduwa Road, Ikeja. At the meeting were Dele Alake, Ayo Casmir, Rauf
Aregbesola, leadership of the NBA, a Representative of the NLC, Asari
Dokubo group, Human Rights Groups’ representatives. Several issues
were discussed. A major
resolution was that the Human Rights Group, the NBA, the Press and NLC
should begin to drum up support for the implementation of Uwais Report
on Electoral Reform. Tinubu’s heavy financial support and vocal
support by proxy were the strings with which he eventually tied Uwais
to his apron.

5. On or about July 10, 2009, Tinubu, in a meeting with his aides was
very upset with
the Appeal Court’s decision ordering a re-run in the Ekiti North
Senatorial District. He
mentioned one Justice Fagbohungbe (Rtd), one Justice Adeniji (Rtd) and
Justice Uwais as critical contacts. He called Justice Uwais at the
meeting to question the rational behind the sudden change of their
earlier decision (outright victory for AC candidate) on the judgement.

6.  On Wednesday July 15, 2009, Tinubu met with selected members of his inner
circle. The meeting focused on the judiciary and the police. On
judiciary, Tinubu said,
PDP leadership from Southwest recently made deft moves to whittle down
his influence on the judiciary. According to him, he claimed at the
meeting, that apart from helping some notable members of the judiciary
(rtd/serving) to parcel/s of land in areas of their choice in Lagos,
he also assisted in building them. He said some members of the
judiciary love him for supporting one of their own (Uwais and his
Report). He posited that for these and other reasons, PDPis finding it
difficult to infiltrate their rank and file. Tinubu asked the meeting
rhetorically: “how many of them in their various states (PDP
Governors) have total grip on their state judiciary?” Tinubu boasted
that he can call the shot in any state particularly in the Southwest.

7.  At a meeting on Bourdillon Road on July 19, 2009 , in response to
a question on
Ekiti Tribunal, Tinubu told the meeting he was on top of the
situation. He said his moral and financial support for full
implementation of Uwais Electoral Reform Bill had even won him more
support from the Bench. He (Tinubu) said he gave them people who are
about collecting 20 million signatures and promised to ignite a mass
rally for the full implementation of the report.

8. At a meeting in Lagos on or about July 25, 2009 which had in
attendance Lagos
CJ, Lagos A-G, NBA President, Rotimi Akeredolu, Ebun Sofunde, Awodein, Dr
Onipede, Nurudeen Ogbara, Justice Inumidun Akande and a Rtd Female CJ, Tinubu
thanked them for their impressive performance. He particularly
commended them for
the astonishing feats recently recorded in Ekiti. Tinubu openly
confirmed at the meeting that one Sotonye had been adequately
compensated for favouring AC. Tinubu also mentioned that Justice
Adebara is not doing badly. That at the Ekiti Tribunal, AC has
recorded some favourable rulings, that Tinubu particularly favoured
the one that gave AC reprieve to tender documents at will. He asked
for their support on Lagos Local Government Councils. He personally
appealed to Akeredolu to make a statement on the issue and also co-opt
other principal officers of NBAinto the struggle. Tinubu also said
others that included a Retired CJ of the Federation (Uwais) were
working round the clock to ensure AC victory. He enjoined those
present to support his mission.

9. On Saturday August 1, 2009, Tinubu held a meeting at a Magodo hideout with
Team Lagos where he instructed them to provide 100 “boys” for the Ekiti North
Senatorial re-run fixed for August 15th. He pledged N50 million as
fund for the project.

10. On Sunday August 2, 2009 he held a second meeting at Bourdillon with the
following in attendance: Kehinde Ogundele, Leye Bamidale, Oladipo Akinyemi,
Funminiyi Afuye, Yomi Adeoti, Dele Olatuyi, Olaiya Polati, Foluso
James and his inner caucus. Tinubu expressed disgust over one AC
lawmaker who connived with PDP lawmakers in an attempt to remove the
Speaker, Odeyemi. He said he had committed so  much on ‘Ekiti Project’
and was not ready to lose the State. As for the judiciary, Tinubu
boasted that he was on top of the situation. He assured he was
currently enjoying the  support of other opposition parties in Ekiti.

11. In the night of Friday August 2, 2009, Tinubu met some members of
the AC legal
team handling the Governorship re-run case. Others at the meeting
included NBA’s
Akeredolu, Justice Inumidun, some erstwhile Lagos CJs and some of his
trusted aides
which included Opeyemi Bamidele, Fouad Oki, Alake, etc. Tinubu affirmed at the
meeting that through Justice Uwais and other notable Justices (Rtd and
Serving) he has infiltrated the Tribunal members’ camp. Tinubu was on
phone with a female member of the Tribunal for over an hour.

12. During the weekend of October 16 18, 2009, two meetings were held.
One was on
saving the Ekiti Speaker and Deputy from impeachment. The other was to
consider the report on Constitution and Electoral Reform for review
and necessary input. This issue prompted their immediate visit to
Ghana. The sole aim was to conceal the identity of the personalities
involved not only in weakening the centre and strengthening the other
tiers of government particularly the states but also exploring a
possible avenue of having a bloodless revolution if they are unable to
push through their agenda which they regarded as a catalyst to solving
Nigeria’s problem. While in Ghana they visited the man in-charge of
Ghana’s election from whom they borrowed some ideas.

13. Those at the Ghana meeting comprised Opeyemi Bamidele, LASTMA and KAI
Bosses, Justice Uwais, Fouad Oki, Baba Eto, Yinka Odumakin, one Judge Abutu,
Adeyinka and Alabi both rtd Justices, Afikuyomi, Wale Osun, H. O.
Davies, Dele Alake, Dele Momodu, Representative of Adenuga, Chief
Badmus a.k.a Kosija, Musiliu Akinsanya (aka M.C.), Olohunwa and

14. On or about November 2, 2009, Tinubu’s group was in the United Kingdom to
mobilize support for the implementation of the Uwais report and at the
same time
deliberate on pending cases in various Tribunals and Appeal Courts. On
implementation of Uwais report, the UK trip was a follow up to their
visit to Ghana and US Consular General. Tinubu’s representative at the
gathering boasted that the pressure on Yar’Adua by the Labour, Human
Right Groups, NBA, NGO’s, Socio-Cultural organisations such as
Afenifere Renewal Group, Egbe Igbimo Yoruba, Arewa Youth Consultative
Forum, Arewa Opinion Elders Forum and others that Tinubu has been
funding heavily had succeeded in mounting enormous pressure on
Yar’Adua. He (Tinubu) pledged further financial support to any
individual or group of people who are ready to join the struggle.

15. They also concluded at the London meeting that should Yar’Adua succeed in
killing the Uwais report, they would make the country ungovernable.
They expressed
strong believe that President Yar’Adua was lily-livered and can easily
be pummeled to
submission. Tinubu at the meeting claimed he had been able to subdue
Yar’Adua on
Lagos LGAs and LGDAs through the same process. Aside this they (Tinubu
group) were seriously sensitizing and mobilizing people for a mass
protest rally. And on the day of the rally here, other rallies would
be going on simultaneously abroad.

16. To make their job easier, both Tinubu and Atiku agreed at a
meeting held in Abuja,  Lagos State house, where they jointly resolved
to use their connections within the judiciary to influence cases at
both the Tribunal and Appeal Courts. Based on this
agreement, they scheduled an emergency meeting with their ‘judiciary
contacts’ which
comprised the following: Uwais, Abutu, Alabi rtd, Lagos C.J, Oyewole,
Akande, Falana,  Akeredolu, Abdullahi, Prof Oyewo, and three others
from the North who were asked to  compel the people in charge of
various cases to play ball. They specifically mentioned Ogun, Ekiti
and Osun. There was assurance from them.

17. On or about November 17, 2009, Tinubu at his meeting with his Team
resolved to provide financial support for mobilization towards mass protests. Otunba Kazeem
Badmus (aka Kosija now late) was in the North to sensitize Yoruba
residents there while Alhaji Shetima (Arewa Youth Forum Leader) was
commissioned to handle Northerners. The plan was to force Yar’Adua’s
government to adopt the Uwais Report. They planned to capitalize on
government planned fuel deregulation. Segun Adeniyi boosted their
cause with a statement he issued titled “Who is afraid of Uwais

18. Meanwhile, Tinubu was to sponsor the hosting of Justice I. A.
Salami, President,
Court of Appeal at Eko Hotel by the leadership of NBAand Justice
Akande, Lagos C.J.

19. Towards December 9, 2009, several meetings were held at various locations
particularly at Bourdillon Road, Oduduwa Ikeja official residence of
Aregbesola, a
Prophet’s house at Shangisha and at three other secret locations owned
by Tinubu
(Magodo and another one at Ikoyi), and at Justice Uwais house in Lekki Phase I.

20. On Ekiti Re-run: At the dinner organized for the new Court of
Appeal President,
Salami. Uwais, Akeredolu and Inumidun categorically made an appeal to
the Justice, the new Court of Appeal President to support their course
in Ekiti. They also requested to  have an input in the composition of
the Judges that would sit at the appeal that will succeed the present
Tribunal. The man obliged their request.

21. Meanwhile, Tinubu decided not to say anything openly that’ll hurt
the presidency
any more. But secretly sponsor attacks on the President through his
aides, NBA, the
54/55 group and others who were calling for the ailing President’s
resignation. The
purpose was to put enormous pressure on the North.

22. Between May 9 and May 13 2010, Tinubu’s team comprising top legal experts
who were mandated to meet with Justice Adebara, one of the Ekiti
Tribunal members,
met. The team’s assignment was to establish from Justice Adebara what
went wrong at
the Tribunal.

23. The committee in their report said Adebara admitted that lots of factors
contributed to the outcome of that tribunal ruling. The committee
reported that Adebara listed among others, crisis in the AC and Atiku
s return to PDP. They said, Adebara later commended the resilience of
PDP in Ekiti. He affirmed that the majority ruling was full of
loop-holes and pointed out some of the faults in the ruling /
judgement. Almost all the decisions taken at the meeting with Adebara
were ratified.

24. Tinubu vowed to upturn the ruling at the Appeal. To achieve his (Tinubu)
objectives, he constituted a committee comprising notable jurists and
legal luminaries
that included Prof. Osibajo, Femi Falana, Justice Uwais, Akanbi, Alabi
and others whose assignment was to study the rulings and advice/render
assistance to the legal team handling the matter.

25. He (Tinubu) also boasted at the meeting that, he’ll influence the
composition of
the Appeal committee members. He submitted he has finalised that with
the authority
concerned. He (Tinubu) said the Appeal would be headed by someone from
either Niger Delta or East. Aregbesola was mandated to organise prayer
warriors and traditional actions.

26. For funding of the project tagged Ekiti Must Be Surmounted, Tinubu informed
the meeting of the recent attempt by Governor Fashola to terminate the
contract between Alpha/Beta, his company, and Lagos State government.
He commended several efforts made by Ikuforiji, the Speaker and the
House for using their legislative power to counter some of the moves.
But he (Tinubu) promised to raise the fund for the project. He hinted
that if Fashola went further that he’ll boot him out of office.

27. As for EFCC probe, Tinubu assured everybody that his foot soldiers
were already
working. He disclosed that the Commission’s spokes person was his man.
He promised to call a meeting immediately he’s with the names of
Appeal Court members.

28. About May 20, 2010, a meeting of Tinubu’s inner caucus was
initially scheduled
for Akodo, Eleko Beach Area. Governor Fashola decided to wield the big
stick and
scheduled his own meeting for the same venue, same time. This prompted
Tinubu to shift his meeting to Alesh Hotel at Ajah. Tinubu’s meeting
was attended by Niyi Akintola (SAN), Justice Akande, Justice Alabi
(Rtd), Justice Adeyinka (Rtd) Chairman LASIEC, Professor Itse Sagay
(SAN), Femi Falana, Prof. Lai Olurode, Yinka Odumakin, Muiz Banire,
Toyin Pinhero (SAN), Police AIG Arabamen, LASTMABoss, Aregbesola, Dele
Alake, H. O. Davies, Olohunwa, and others. Olohunwa was not allowed
into the meeting as he was only invited to ward off area boys.

29. At the meeting, Tinubu revealed that he got Sowore, former UNILAG Student
Union President to use their fabricated N3 Billion Tribunal bribe
story which facilitation  they were pinning on OBJ and Afe Babalola.
He coughed out US$250,000 to ensure the story emanated from

30. In the build up to the April 2011 Presidential election, Tinubu
and his Team were
confident that irrespective of the way the election went, they would
subvert the results at the Supreme Court with the help of Uwais and
some other judges.

31. A meeting held on Monday December 27, 2010 at Tinubu’s Bourdillon Road
home, in the thick of negotiation on the ACN/CPC merger, Buhari led
the CPC team
while Tinubu headed the ACN team. At the meeting there were irreconcilable
differences over merger arrangement. Tentatively, the parties involved
agreed to use
ACN based on the fact that ACN holds sway in the Southwest and are
having substantial impact in the South-South. They considered CPC as
the party to beat in the North; all these gave them hope of wrestling
power from PDP in 2011.

32. On the Presidential Candidate to be used they settled for Buhari.
For the Vice,
Tinubu showed interest. He told the meeting that his popularity in the
S/W and other
parts of Nigeria will do the magic. But people who knew him (Tinubu)
inside out kicked against such arrangement. Even Buhari objected to
it; the S/E people also opposed and they insisted that one of their
own, Ngige, must be used. Tinubu, having confided in some people that
Ngige by virtue of who he is, might be difficult to control if chosen,
finally pushed for Niyi Adebayo while Ngige settled for SGF. Ribadu
was to be reinstated and made IG, etc.

33. In early February 2011, as a follow-up to the meeting he (Tinubu)
held with the
representatives of the Ciroma-led team in Jan. Another meeting came up
with full
representation of notable NPLF leaders that had in attendance the
likes of Ayu, Haruna, factional Arewa Youth Forum leader, Shettima,
Anthony Sani and other notables.

34. At the meeting, Tinubu was praised for his singular effort in
checkmating OBJ
who has been the major “character or evil” confronting PDP and
threatening Nigerian
democracy. They pledged their co-operation with Tinubu. Aregbesola
sang praise of
Tinubu, calling him “Ẹkun ọkọ baba agbẹ Ọta, Jagaban of our time” (Obasanjo’s
conqueror, Jagaban of our time). Those on the side of Tinubu were
Justice Uwais, one other Justice, AIG Arabamen, Kai Brigade Captain
Maigeri Rtd, National Secretary ACN, Dr. Fayemi, Ribadu and others
that included HoD, Olohunwa, who claimed to be representative of the
NURTW boss.

35. At the meeting, their discussion centred mainly on the following
three issues:
a) Sponsorship of crisis in some parts of the North particularly
States that  supported Jonathan at the Presidential primary.
b) Military intervention if all other efforts fail.
c) Judicial process
The last one they didn’t delve too much on was the issue of consensus
candidate which
the Northern representatives had claimed to be an impossible task.

36. On chaos sponsorship, Tinubu encouraged them to fund secretly the lingering
crisis. Cash and ‘boys/mercenaries’ for such operations would be taken
care of by him
(Tinubu). He boasted at the meeting that, “this time, I’ll open the
treasury to prosecute
this forthcoming elections”. He tasked the factional Arewa Youth Forum
Mallam Yerima Shettima, to try and identify some of the trouble
shooters for adequate
funding and support in preparation for sponsorship. What they
purportedly stand to gain is to discredit GEJ government and make it
unpopular in some of the states he won during the PDP Presidential

37. They also weighed the military option. The Northerners were mainly
in support of
the idea while Tinubu advised that should be a last resort but warned
that the leader must be trusted. According to source, there was a
sharp disagreement, sentiment and ethnicity issue beclouded their
reasoning so the gathering did not reach an agreement.

38. Judiciary: Tinubu at the meeting assured those present that with
the backing of
“Eledumare” (God) and some prominent jurists both serving and retired,
victory was
assured. But on the candidate to be adopted by the parties they zeroed
down on Buhari, Ribadu.

39. At the meeting, the other Snr. Justice present hinted those at the
sitting that efforts
should be put in place to protect/defend Salami, the Appeal Court
President. There and then, he informed them that attempt would be made
to remove him from office and he’ll be replaced by a weakling who will
definitely truncate the plan of the house. He appealed to Tinubu to
use his enormous wealth to drum support for Salami.

40. The Justice also warned especially Tinubu to be wary of some of his aides
pointing out his house was leaking. He went further to say, almost all
Tinubu inner caucus meetings leaked to the opposing camp. He cited
many examples such as meeting between Tinubu and Salami, how emisaries
were being sent to him to thwart some of the moves by Tinubu & co.
Facts and figures about what and what exchanged hands for a favour
including the one owned by proxy/proxies.

41. In reaction to the Justice’s advice, Tinubu corroborated the
Jurist after thanking
him for his great observation particularly on the moles around him. He
said he had
identified some of the serving commissioners and council bosses who
were working for the opponents. He also mentioned that one or more
former council chairmen were also in the same train with the traitors.
Tinubu however said that he had started dealing with them squarely. He
said Opeyemi Bamidele was supposed to be at the meeting but for
kicking against the ‘establishment’ that made him, he has started
paying the price.

42. As for Salami, Tinubu promised to mobilise the Press, Human Right Groups,
NGO, Lawyers, Coalition of Political Parties. For propaganda, he
boasted that he was in control of that and all would be deployed to
defend Salami from being disgraced out of office. He (Tinubu)
counseled those who have benefitted from his largesse to tighten up
the loose nuts. He said there’s a way they’ll do it and they won’t
trace it to anybody. He advised that they see some of his aides for
proper counseling. Amongst the aides were, Bolaji Idris Ariyoh, Bisi
Yusuf, Tayo Oduntan, H. O. Davies, Dele Alake and others.

43. On the defence of Salami, he said they had met with the needed
chief among whom is Sowore of Saharareporters. He was also planning to
another online electronic media. Another plan they also agreed on was
to be meeting
regularly as at when Tinubu deemed fit at any venue he chose. In
support of the course, Tinubu gave N5m each for their transport and
again donated another N200m to jump start the Northern agenda. He
promised another N300m, if they do well.



  1. Interesting reading. However, like someone once said “What they carelessly lost at the intersection they want to fraudulently get at the roundabout.” Since earlier attempts to implicated Tinubu have failed repeatedly, isn’t it time to focus on productive engagements instead of persisting on this path of pettiness?

  2. This is clearly the hallucination of some persons who are desperate to pin something on Asiwaju.There is no substance
    in this mumble jumble and it is so pendatic and too much hubris. If they have concrete facts, they should step out and do a direct challenge. The PDP blackmailers and desperados are at it again.

  3. Story.Story.We are tired of all these tales by moonlight. cant people just leave Asiwaju alone.Especially PDP.This man has outsmarted all of you and instead of proper ptrategizing, they are planting untruths and mere figments of imagination on the internet. Asiwaju remains the political strategist of our time. Period

  4. Na wa o , where s this fertile and infantile imagination spewing from? Some people’s head must be spinning from too much paraga ! Ave never seen a wilder, shallower, ridiculous and fantasmagoric inanity badly cooked as security report ! I sincerely sympathise with heads of our nation’s security agencies if this is the type of report they are saddled with !

  5. Well, now we know from this long confusing story that Tinubu will never support military take over-we know he is a true democrat. He is also smart enough to know that the Uwais report which was widely acclaimed to be what we need for electoral reform should be supported. What is wrong with someone as powerful and experienced as Tinubu from holding opinions, mobilizing to advance what he believes in and holding meetings. People should leave him alone

  6. How come this storyline has not been made available to Nollywood to make a movie out of it. Judging from the length it would be “The Nigerian Godfather Part 1,2,3,4,5,6&7. Pure fiction.

  7. I must confess this a good script for epic movie,the fact remains that God has given asiwaju brain to be master of the game.What they dont know is that no matter what they about this provided the people still like him they are just wasting their time.

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