Adamawa Governor, Nyako Critically Ill In German Hospital


Information available to indicate that the Peoples Democratic Party’s [PDP] governor of Adamawa State has been admitted to one of the VIP hospitals in Germany. The Governor who had travelled to Saudi Arabia for Hajj pilgrimage two weeks ago have yet to return to Nigeria. This is as his aides that had travelled with him returned last week.

According to the information gathered, the Governor of Adamawa State, Malam Nyako had departed for the annual hajj pligrimage to Saudi Arabia two weeks ago.  He went with his ADC and other skeletal staff. Upon arrival, the governor appeared physically healthy and showed no signs of illness. But as the religious rites began and the walk around the Holy site started, learnt that the governor collapsed as he bent over to pick a stone. The collapse injured the governor – who was immediately flown to Germany for treatment.

Sources at the Adamawa State government house confirmed that the Governor travelled to Germany from Saudi Arabia. They also confirmed that the ADC to the Governor returned briefly to the Governor’s Office to collect ‘something’ believed to money. It was not certain what the ADC returned to collect but his visit to Adawama was for one day before he returned to Germany.

In talking to associates of the Nyako family, they denied that the governor had been admitted to a hospital in Germany. But they stated that Gov Nyako was in Germany to visit Gen Ibrahim Babangida who is said to be a patient in a hospital in Germany.

The Secretary to the State Government [SSG] spoke to As he was asked for the whereabouts of the Governor, he gave a response stating he was sitting with the Governor somewhere in Abuja [8pm]. “The Governor is very healthy”, the SSG added.

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