MASSOB Leader and 280 others regain freedom

Chief Ralph Uwazurike

Today, September 1, 2011, the MASSOB leader, Chief Ralph Uwazurike and 280 members of MASSOB were released from incaceration at 2pm in Enugu State.

According to the information received, Chief Uwazurike and the 280 others, were set free following a directive from the president to a reluctant Enugu State Attorney General, Tony Dike. Ralph Uwazurike is reported to be headed for his hometown in Okwe, Imo State.

Meanwile, the MASSOB leader the leader has begun preparations for the burial of fallen veterans of the Nigeria/Biafra war.

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  1. MASSOB is and have been a non violent mnmeveot and I do believe that they have due respect for Eze Ndi Ibo gburugburu. They have been in murning mood since the demised of the great Iroko. Ibo do not forment trauble when they are in murning mood. So I do not for close such thing happening. We respect life and do not just wast life unlike the BH. However however the LOC committee want to do it and to see that all the burial ceremony run smoothly that will be fine. Ikemba symblises peace and a nunifying factor for Indigbo. I am for me and my households though I am not in Nigeria but we are going to be in mourning mood and pray that God will grant him the Internal life. Adiu Ochiagha indi Ibo,nwoke ejiagamba, iyi atata, abama agu, nwanedinamba, A worrior, A man who saw tomorrow, A man who sacrificed his father’s wealth and left his comfort zone to librate ibos. He is my man. De Agu nejemba, Byeee,You have left us in flesh but not in spirit. The project you started is still alive and will be actualised in no distance time. It is the dream of the entire Ibo race for now and generation yet unborn. Biafra is real


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