BreakingNews: Multiple Explosions in North Jos


Information coming out of Jos indicates a multiple explosion has occurred in North Jos in an area populatly refered to as West of Mines. The explosion occurred at about 9pm [Nigerian time] and no casualties has been recorded.

The explosion, according to experts in the area, resembles the same type of explosion that occurred in December 2010. The bomb device is said to have been made of similar materials. The materials were made from locally sourced materials.

As learnt, the explosive device was placed by the road side of the Christian dominanted area. The area [WEST OF MINES] is said to be a popular “joint” were people go to have drinks and buy foods. As learnt, the bomb explosion was said to have “mis-timed” the target because the explosion occurred before the people began to arrive to the joints. It was also gathered that the explosive device was placed a little distance away from the crowded area – and that the “tension” in North Jos had caused the would-be “hangers out” to have remained in doors. For this reason, the number of casualties were said to be minimal.

This attempt will be the second attempt at bombing the area. The first attempt came a little over two months ago – but the devicedid not explode. It was discovered by law enforcement agents who deactivated it.

Stay tuned.



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