Juju music ruined my dream of being a monogamist – Sir Shina Peters

Juju music ruined my dream of being a monogamist – Sir Shina Peters

Juju music ruined my dream of being a monogamist – Sir Shina Peters

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Iconic Juju music exponent and guitarist, Oluwashina Akanbi Peters a.k.a. Sir Shina Peters has confessed that he’s an accidental polygamist. SSP hinted that he planned to have just a wife and two children but his profession thwarted that dream. SSP also stated that he is really happy that he is now married and that he has always thought he would never be married because of how the ladies threw themselves at him. His confession reads in part: “When I think about the fact that I am happily married now, it is like a miracle. Before now, whenever I finished a show, I would have about 250 women waiting for me.

The question people should ask me is that out of all the women that swarmed around me, how did I choose a wife? I would say I was destined to be with my wife. But for my profession, my plan was to have only one wife and two children. But the temptation that comes with this business is too much. I always look at things from the spiritual aspect; do you know how many handkerchiefs women have used to rub my face.”

The juju maestro has also said that he now functions as a choir leader at Cherubim and Seraphim Church where he is now very close to God compared to his previous years. Do you know how many strange eyebrow pencils they have drawn and used to wink at me? Do you know how many boobs they have shown me while performing? All these things matter.

But I thank God for my life. The only thing that I have never indulged in is smoking, regardless the substance. Now I am the head of choir, Cherubim and Seraphim (Church); I am closer to God more than ever.”

Source: https://newtelegraphonline.com/2018/02/juju-music-ruined-dream-monogamist-sir-shina-peters/

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