Fulani Herdsmen Kill 2 In Another Benue Attack


Yesterday afternoon saw grief and tears in the community of Udei in Guma Local Government Area [LGA] of Benue State. This is as information available to 247ureports.com indicates another Fulani Herdsmen attack has occurred in the rural communities of Benue State.

According to the available information, two family men had visited their farm located by the Keleke River to pluck/harvest their locust beans [called ‘Nune’ in local tongue] when they were struck by armed Fulani herdsmen.  “They were shot and then butchered”. The Fulani armed men surrounded the tree as the men were on the tree plucking the beans – and shot them down from the tree – and commenced to butcher them.

The incident occurred on Sunday.

Their corpse were recovered by the community members and buried. According to a community member, the corpses were barely recognisable.

The two men were married with children. The police spokesperson is yet to respond to calls placed to her phone – neither has the LGA chairman.

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