Chinedum Orji Remains Abia’s Substantive Speaker – Coalition Blasts State Assembly

Press Release
A leading pro-democracy group known as Democracy Coalition has lambasted the dishonourable action of the 16 disgruntled members of the Abia State House of Assembly for carrying out what it described as ‘legislative recklessness’ resulting to the kangaroo impeachment of the Speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly, Hon. Chinedum Orji.
These 16 disgruntled members claimed they signed the impeachment whereas only about 8 members voted. This is laughable and the biggest joke of the month.
In a statement released to newsmen in Umuahia on Wednesday by the National Coordinator of the Coalition, Mr. Michael Williams, the group said any impeachment done outside the State House of Assembly complex is ultra vires as the case law established by the Supreme Court of Nigeria in a case between the Oyo State House of Assembly and former Governor Rasheed Lodoja in 2006 had set a clear precedent in the above matter.
While declaring the impeachment as an exercise in futility, the group called on the state security agencies in the state to arrest these cult of shenanigans for breaching the peace and orderliness of the state.
Noting that the action of the 16 disgruntled members of the state assembly is a clear manifestation of the alarm earlier raised by the Department of State Security that some politicians are trying to scuttle a peaceful transition in the country.
Therefore, as a vigilant pro-democracy group, we strongly suspect that Abia State could be the launchpad for the commencement of activities designed by failed politicians to scuttle peaceful transition and handover of power on May 29.
Again, we call for the quick arrest of these legislative gangsters while status quo is maintained in God’s Own State.
Mr. Michael Williams,
National Coordinator,
Democracy Coalition


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