Arewa Consensus Assembly Drum Support For Abdul’aziz Yari As Senate President

Abdul’aziz Yari

By Umar Usman Duguri.

In few weeks the 10th national assembly will assume duty after successful 2023 general elections that produced new set of leaders to charge the affairs of the 10th national assembly which has returning experienced lawmakers and new distinguish senators, already permutations and consultations for the leadership of the soon to be sworn in their duties of making suitable laws that would favor the interest of the masses.

The Arewa Consensus Assembly Drum Support For Abdul’aziz Yari As the 10th national assembly Senate President based on numerous reasons stated and formally sent to the president of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari and the president-elect Mr. Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to consider him and the region he held from to head the assembly for a better amity between the legislative and executive arm of government.

The letter sent read “North- West (Zamfara) North- West (Zamfara) Deserves Senate President Of The 10th National Assembly. the organization in conjunction with Tinubu Auxiliary Social Investment Project and Joint Participation for Development Initiatives wish to draw the attention of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari, the President Elect His Excellency Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Vice President Elect His Excellency Kashim Shatima,  All Governors Elect under the umbrella of All progressives Congress, His Excellency Abdullahi Adamu National Chairman of Al Progressives Congress, Senators Elect, Members of National Executive Council of All Progressives Congress and all critical state holders  within the party to consider the zoning of the Senate President of the 10th National Assembly to North–West geopolitical zone particularly Zamfara state.

The leaders of the joint groups Alhaji Suleman Umar MaKama (Arewa Consensus Assembly),  Alhaji Sadat Sale (Tinubu Auxilliary Social Investment Project) and Comrade Abdullahi M Kobi for Joint participation for Development Initiatives,. Further said, “Your Excellency, our concerned for building Nigerian state through enhanced equitable distribution of leadership in the forthcoming government, and the need for sustainable economic, socio-cultural diversity and security compel us to write this letter and used the media outlets for prompt attention, also in recent times the whole country and international communities are witness to the far-reaching under development of the North West resulting from incessant insecurity in the areas. For almost seven to six years farming and other economic activities within the area was at the lowest ebb, poverty malnutrition and unemployment soar high, inflation multiply beyond the normal digits and life unbeatable within the region affecting Sokoto, Birnin kebbi, Zamfara and Katsina states respectively”.       

“Your Excellency Sir, despite the huge damage cause by insecurity in the north- west and your untiring efforts to suppress it and recuperate the hearts of good people of the north-west, we further appeal to you for sustenance of democratic accountability via supporting the north -west to have a heard voice in the senate. It is only in pointing the way to this representation of democratic accountability that the north-west region will have the attention and therapeutic treatment that it dim deserves. Sir, Many glories exercise by your administration heals injuries of political, social and economic pains, the North-East Development Commission come to existence during your administration, Niger Delta Development Commission witness an unprecedented progress never imagine by the citizens and Nigeria at a global scale we witness development of high international merits to our democratic development and it is our collective responsibilities to appreciate these gestures. 

They further appeal to Mr. President and President Elect, that “we are sure you hold dear to your heart the contribution of north west to electoral victory of All progressives congress since 2015 to date, in the process of the continue struggle to see to All progressives congress success Zamfara state lost to PDP and we further lost the establishment of North-west development commission to rigorous politicking enshrine by tenets of the National Assembly, it will be suffice to appeal to you to consider zoning the position of senate president as replacement for the loss of seat of Governor ship in Zamfara state and north west development commission battered by democratic process”.

“Sir, the National Chairman of All progressives Congress, Governors-Elect, Distinguished Senator Elects of the 10th Assembly, as Nigerians we are sure you share the pains of good people of North-West and particularly Zamfara state.    We urge you to consider zoning of the Senate President to the North West and Zamfara state in particular, it is only by doing so accountability of representation will enhanced equitable distribution of democratic dividends and thus sustains the efforts of presentation administration in rehabilitation and reconstruction of a state long destroyed by insecurity. This is the global practice in line with the provision of natural justice and equity, democratic balance to uplift the spirit of society left behind, or battered by insecurity.

Pundits are of the view that, the APC as a matter of urgency and national importance should make decision in anointing competent and experienced to lead the assembly in more matured manner with sani.  



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