Special Report: Two Killed As Uzodinma’s Aide Impounds Over One Thousand Five Hundred Motorcycles In Owerri



Over one thousand five hundred people have been forcefully rendered unemployed by the Imo State Government on Monday, 3rd of April 2023.

This was following the Impounding of tricycles belonging to Imo indigenes who operates within Naze, Umuguma, Nekede and Orji areas in the state.

The operation lasted for two working days, led by Govenor Hope Uzodinma Aide, Chinasa Nwaneri with unauthorized armed men who killed not less than two motorcyclists in owerri, while many were seriously injured and currently in the hospital receiving medical treatments.

Currently, over 1,500 (one thousand five hundred) motorcycles have been found at the Tiger Base unit of the Imo State Police command in Owerri forcefully collected from Owerri motorcyclists by the directive of one Chinasa Nwaneri who is identified as Uzodinma’s Assistant on Special Duties.

An eyewitness source who pleaded anonymity revealed how people were killed and injured by the directive of Uzodinma’s Assistant on Special Duties .

The source said; “this case started on Monday, when agents of Imo State Environmental and transformation commission (INTRACO) killed a motorcyclist who operated within Naze/Aba road, outside owerri Capital City for not giving them 30,000 thousand naira).

“The motorcyclist was stabbed with Cutlass by Intraco agents, and a good Samaritan who queried why he was stabbed to death were also killed by the government agents at the same point.

“When the information got to the Union Of motorcyclists in Owerri the rural cities, they started to protest against the killing of their Innocent member and the passerby who were killed on Monday.

“The said protest attracted the operation clampdown on every motorcycles in owerri which was led by Govenor Hope Uzodinma’s Assistant on Special Duties, Chinasa Nwaneri who were moving round the city with unidentified heavily armed men, police with Armoured Personnel Carrier- APC, Impounding motorcycles and arresting the operators.” Source said.

One of the Uzodinma’s and APC social media publicist, Ambrose Nwaogwuwu confirmed the the incident in a publication made on his Facebook social media handle.
Read; “RE: Police Apprehend Motorcycle Riders In Owerri

My attention was drawn yesterday to some misleading interpretations of my update on this subject matter wherein the Special Adviser to the Governor on Youth Affairs, Hon. Eric Uwakwe profiled one of the suspected Okada criminals, one Anunobi Chidi arrested by the police as innocent.

Ignorant people and children of perdition who always with slightest opportunities to support non state actors against the state government took delight in disparaging my person as though I was the one who arrested the said suspect.

True facts about what transpired:

1. I was not a part of the security operatives who arrested the said criminal suspects causing nuisance in Owerri Municipal Council as I only reported pieces of raw information gotten from the authorities so I couldn’t have known who was innocent or not. That’s why there windows of one clearing oneself whenever such raids takes place most especially when investigations are ongoing. Anyone found not culpable are let off the hook.

2. The suspected Okada criminal, Anunobi Chidi was not arrested in his house but at the crime scene where the hoodlums were attacking state facilities with dangerous weapons.

3. Motorcycle riding popularly known as Okada was banned in Owerri metropolis and other locations in Imo State since year 2009 and the ban has remained so even till date, any Okada that flout the ban will be apprehended by the state authorities and will be treated as a criminal.

4. Of late, according to security reports, various criminals take to Okada to commit various type of violent crimes such as pushing of hard drugs, armed robbery where innocent citizens are robbed of their valuables at gunpoints, etc. Victims of this can bear witnesses.

5. This necessitated the recent crackdown of Okada operators within the locations banned by law where a task forcec was set up to eradicate the menace in the state.

6. When the task force swung into action, the criminals would reinforce within themselves with dangerous weapons to inflict various degrees of harm on the task force members.

7. The task force reinforced with police backup from the police tactical units who resisted the criminal elements and in one fell swoop, they arrested some of them while many fled leaving their motorbikes which were rounded up and taken into custody.

8. Whatever the said Anunobi Chidi was doing at the scene of the mop up exercise was what he had explained to the security operatives which after investigation, he was found not wanting and subsequently released.

9. It is to the credit of the #PeoplesGovernor Hope Uzodimma who intervened thru the special Adviser on youth affairs as particulars and verifiable information were provided to the police to prove the innocency of the said Chidi.

10. It is therefore uncharitable to insult and abuse state authorities carrying out their legitimate duties in order to protect the life and property of the citizens most especially in the hands of these new brewing menace in the hands of criminal Okada Riders.

11. No form of abuse, blackmail or intimidation will deter lawfully set state authorities from discharging their duties of doing stuff that will rid the society of criminal tendencies.

12. Ends.

Ambrose Nwaogwugwu.
April 02, 2023.”

This operation by Chinasa Nwaneri is said to have caused more harm than good to Owerri rural residents who does not own private vehicles, finds it very difficult to access the City due to no available means of transportation.

Apart from the difficulties owerri rural residents are currently facing, the rate of unemployments in the state have added more numbers at the result of this action.



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