FG To Begin Evacuation Of Trapped Nigerians In Sudan Next Week



Arrangements have been worked out by the Federal government towards the evacuation of trapped Nigerians in Sudan next week as the crisis of the country continued to deepen.

A senior official at the National Emergency Management Agency, (NEMA) told our reporter that, the agency has had several meetings with the Embassy Of Sudan and all the relevant authorities within and outside the country over unfortunate plight of Nigerians in Sudan.

Already National Emergency Management Agency, (NEMA), which is in charge of emergency evacuations, is consulting with the Nigerian mission in Sudan and other relevant agencies in that direction.

Sources added that all arrangements have been concluded towards the evacuation of all Nigerians in Sudan, the only setback is, all airports and means of transportation into the country are closed.

“We secured an approval for the evacuation of our people a while ago, we have met with all the relevant authorities and we have concluded all arrangements, the only setback is the airport and borders of Sudan are closed.

“There is a development though, there has been an agreement between the conflicting authorities and AU, and UN to provide a window for the evacuation of nationals. So hopefully, by next week we will begin massive evacuation of our people in Sudan.

“I also wish to urge Nigerians living in Sudan to be security conscious and calm. We didn’t abandoned them and we care for them”, the senior director stated.

Confirming this development, in a reply to a Freedom of Information (FoI) enquiry an official of the Embassy of Sudan said, the Nigerian govt and the Sudanese Embassy have had several meetings towards the evacuation of Nigerians in Sudan.

According to her, the Embassy will continue to do everything possible towards the safe return of trapped Nigerians in Sudan but insisted, she has no clearance to say more on the matter.

Speaking to our reporter, a MBBS Nigerian students at Khartoum University said, the lives of the over 4000 students in the country is in danger as the whereabouts of some students are unknown.

He added that, some students tried to flee to neighboring states, while others left their schools to stay with some relatives in town and nobody has heard from all of these students.

“We have a big WhatsApp group for Nigerian students in Sudan and the news we get from other students in other schools is scary.

“I wish to appeal to the govt to come to our rescue. We are here stranded with very little food and water and as it is, with corpses littered around the state, anything can happen”, he cried.



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