Ex-Governor Egwu Blames Umahi As Ebubeagu Militia Waylay Convoy


There was drama on Saturday when a former governor of Ebonyi State, Senator Sam Egwu, was harassed and molested by the Ebubeagu militia set up by Governor David Umahi.

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Egwu was said to be on his way to Ebonyi Local Government for a rally.

Trouble started when the former governor’s convoy ran into a blockade mounted by the militia.

Narrating his ordeal, Egwu told journalists said he was shocked at the brazen show of intimidation by the thugs who adamantly blocked their way.

He said, “The instructions we were told is that opposition are not allowed to use public facilities for any thing political. So we have resorted to using privately facilities. Yet, even that is not saving us from the wrath of the government. Today, my convoy was waylaid and the police who came practically stood there to supervise what was happening.

“The police didn’t intervene but rather watched on almost in a state of helplessness. This is wrong. The nation’s police shouldn’t be subservient to a militia organization. It is indecent in a democracy. What is happening in Ebonyi must attract public condemnation.

“We are now at a point where attacks, killings and arbitrary arrests have become the order of the day.”

Egwu, who is currently a Senator, said that unless something drastic was done, Ebonyi state may be engulfed in crisis due to the hard stance of the governor and the activities of his militia.

He said, “We worked for this Governor (Umahi) to get to where he is. We didn’t stop him from using public facilities. He was roundly supported. Why can’t he extend the same courtesy to the current seekers of office?”

Egwu also called on the police to rise to the occasion and be professional in their duties as the elections are around the corner.

Meanwhile, the Human Rights Writers Association has called for the sacking of Ebonyi state Commissioner of police, accusing him of compromising his office.



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