Expert reveals real reason England captain Harry Kane missed second penalty in heartbreaking World Cup KO vs France

Kane alone when he was taking the second penalty kick

A football psychology expert claims to have discovered why Harry Kane buried his first penalty against France – but skied the second one over.

Professor Geir Jordet from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences has offered his unique insight as to why Kane missed his second spot kick.

And it has all to do with the “support” Kane got from his team-mates ahead of both spot kicks.

Posting his hypothesis in a fascinating thread on Twitter, Jordet explained the protection the record Three Lions scorer received from Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson was pivotal in the outcome of the penalties.

He explained: “One of England’s players is world-leading in supporting team-mate penalty takers.

“Jordan Henderson has successfully protected Liverpool’s penalty takers for years, making sure opponents don’t get access to play mind games in those last crucial seconds leading up to the kick.



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