Breaking News: Sit- At-Home, Gunmen kill 3 in Ngorkpalla

Some unidentified armed men on Monday opened fire on scrap collectors in Umuneke, Ngorkpalla killing three people.
The attack happened at a dump site in Umuneke, Ngorkpalla while some young boys were busy collecting scraps for sale.
According to reports, three people who sustained injuries have been taken to hospital.
The attack on a Monday observed in the south east as sit at home day is the latest in a series of attacks carried out by suspected IPOB members.
A resident of the area told our correspondent that it came as a surprise considering the period we are in.
Boxing day, a day after Christmas observed in Christendom as the birthday of Jesus Christ falls on a Monday and so many thought people should be allowed to celebrate in peace
Monday’s death toll further adds to the rising number of those killed by these gunmen for flouting the sit at Home order


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