A New Paradigm; Leaders with Integrity, Kashim steps down for Bala Mohammed.


In a swift political house run, Barrister Ibrahim Mohammad Kashim, who clinched the Bauchi state Gubernatorial PDP ticket, steps down for his principal, Senator Bala Mohammad. Sources confirmed that in an inner caucus meeting held by stakeholders, to strategize on the way forward, Barr. Kashim, a dogged believer in teamwork, and a man of integrity offered to step down for the incumbent Governor, and pledged his unflinching loyalty to the party and leadership of the state.
The former Secretary to the State Government had earlier stepped down from the position to run for the office of the Governor of the state, under the PDP. While his boss, the Governor of Bauchi state, Senator Bala Muhammad, had contested in the primaries for the seat of the President.
Both had offered their selfless service to the country at different levels, staying in the race despite the odds against them.
On Monday, 20th May 2022, Kashim, a man who needs no introduction to the people of Bauchi State, emerged as the gubernatorial candidate for PDP at the primaries. But, in a twist of events, honourably stepped down for his boss, Sen.Bala Mohammed to continue the good work he had already started in the state.

In Nigerian politics, integrity is a word thrown around loosely, while actualization of its value is few and far between. Integrity is to do the right thing at the right time, every single time, and this is a value that Barr. Ibrahim Mohammed Kashim embodies.
Kashim believes governance that produces sustainable and positive development requires a stretch of its continuity, even to a higher capacity, in the implementation of policies and programs. He is quoted as saying, “ I would do it again in a heartbeat for the prosperity of our State.” He pledged his commitment to continue playing a supportive role in the business of translating the vision of the development of Bauchi State into reality.
The pattern of events, and the unity, integrity, and teamwork as seen in both Sen. Bala Muhammad and Barr. Ibrahim, will be recorded in history as ‘a new leadership paradigm’ worth emulating by other politicians and leaders.



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