We are freedom fighting movement, not Fulani terrorists kidnapping people – IPOB insists


Dissociate itselfvfrom Monday sit-at-homes

By Favour Goodness

The Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) has insisted that it is not in the business of kidnapping people, but a freedom fighters.

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A statement signed by the group Spokesman, Emma Powerful, has debunked that it is planning to kidnap students and workers of federal institutions in South East and South South particularly those in Ebonyi.

“This falsehood is part of the covert plan to create insecurity in Biafraland, blame it on IPOB in other to achieve the already set objective to declare a state of emergency in Biafraland.

“We want to unequivocally and categorically make it clear to all Biafrans and the world at large that IPOB is not in the business of kidnapping people.

“Biafrans and humanity are very much aware of those who kidnapp innocent people and ask for ransom.

“Biafrans and humanity are also aware that the Nigerian government working in collaboration with the kidnappers will negotiate with these evil terrorists and hugely reward them financially in the name of ransom payment.

“These terrorists will now use the money given to them by the Nigerian government to purchase more weapon. What this implies therefore is that the Nigerian government is the direct financier of these kidnapping incidents all across the contraption called Nigeria.

“Now they want to extend their evil trade into Biafraland but before they commence their plan, they are trying to divert your attention to the wrong place.

“IPOB since its inception cannot be linked with any single kidnap or abduction incident whether within or outside Biafra land because that is neither our modus operandi nor part of our fundamental objectives .

“We are not Fulani terrorist Herdsmen that get funding from the Nigerian government and supplies from Nigeria security agencies who deliver these supplies to these murderers with Nigerian military helicopters.

“This lame script is part of the game plan by the evil Nigeria security agents to indict IPOB and possibly look for grounds to charge our Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as leading a violent group but they have failed.

“We pity those they are grooming as executioners of this evil assignment to implement and implicate IPOB and ESN because they will actually meet their ancestors untimely.

“We know better than to engage in such action that is sacrilegious and a desecration of the holy land of Biafra.

“Be warned and do not allow yourself to be used by the Nigerian security agencies and their collaborators to create an environment of insecurity in Biafraland because if we see anyone recruited by Nigeria government for such an ignoble mission to implicate IPOB such a person will regret his actions,” Powerful noted.

He urged people in Ebonyi state and environs to be careful most especially students.

“The wicked Nigeria security agents and their political collaborators are desperate to implicate IPOB but they shall fail as they have always failed. Communities must be vigilant and not allow our enemies milk us through payment of ransom in their desperation to implicate IPOB,” he said.

Powerful has also reiterated that the purported posters in parts of Biafra land saying that people should comply with Monday sit-at-homes did not emanate from them.

“Part of the message on the poster says that people should not use vehicles with Nigeria plate number. Such nonsense is not from IPOB. We urge our people to disregarded it.

“IPOB has its standard channels of information dissemination. We don’t paste posters to disseminate our information, such approach is very childish. Anybody behind such nonsense should be dealt with. Anybody caught enforcing non-existent sit-at-home should be ready to pay for his disservice to our people.

“The only sit-at-home endorsed by IPOB is on Thursday October 21 when our leader will make his next court appearance. Anything outside this should be disregarded. Our people should not be deceived by our enemies and the traitors they recruited to cause confusion in Biafra land.

“Anybody irrespective of his identify caught anywhere enforcing the suspended Monday sit-at-homes should be dealt with by the local vigilantes in those areas. IPOB did not mandate anybody to enforce any sit-at-home,” Powerful warned.



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