Hon. Abdulkarim Paid Me N600,000 Remaining Balance of N14.4m, Bar Yakubu Hassan Tells Justice Ramalan


Rabiu Omaku

The presiding Judge of High Court sitting in Nasarawa Eggon,Justice Mustapha  Ramalan has appealed to Barrister Yakubu Hassan,complainant in a case between him and the current Member House of Representatives representing Akwanga/Nasarawa Eggon/Wamba Federal constituency,Hon Abdulkarim Usman and the Counsel to Abdulkarim to resolved out of court.

Before the adjournment Justice Ramalan sort for amicable settlement instead of prolonged legal battle.

Barrister Hassan during a cross examination stated that the  refusal of Abdulkarim  to picked his calls compelled him to serve him with a notice, Though Hon. Usman was absent in court.

Yakubu Hassan,the former Secretary General of the PDP who was a witness in his owned case tendered eighteen documents as exhibit PD1 to PD 18 and was adopted without itches despite an objection made by the defense Counsel .

The defense Counsel totally kicked against the content of PD 1,

High court adopted all the exhibits during the adoption of additional statement of witness including exhibit PD 1 ,which was a letter by the national Headquarter of the People’s Democratic Party directing Hon. Abdulkarim Usman to settle the bills of his Counsel ,Bar.

Some of the exhibit tendered by the complainant counsel are eighteen documents labelled as exhibit PD1 to exhibit PD18.

Exhibit PD1 is letter by the National Headquarter of the People’s Democratic Party, The PDP, other exhibit tendered are exhibit PD11 which was statement of claims.

During a cross examination by a witness on the matter, Bar. Yakubu Hassan averred that the Hon. Member House of Representatives representing Akwanga,/Nasarawa Eggon/Wamba maintained that his client,Hon.Abdulkarim Usman was served with appeal notice due to his non response to the clerk of the court.

He explained that the Hon. Member whom he defended in the Election Petition Tribunal in Makurdi is still owing him the sum of N14.4m.

He further stated that his refused to picked his calls and he has no option than to serve him with a notice, Though Hon. Usman was absent in court.



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