Shame on the North! – By Sabo Douglas Garba


I condmn in totality, the intimidation and killing of fellow Nigerians in any guise by fellow countrymen. If you think you are so powerful in your homebase, your brother is weak in another man’s homebase.

The North is today seen for what we have become. We despise each other, we segregate base on tribe and religion, we call northern Christians ARNA and KAFIRAI, we preach hate against each other openly in our Churches and Mosques, we tell our kids not to associate with those and those, we teach them to hate and disrespect one another. We created we vs them. We killed empathy for all

Unfortunately to the rest of the world, we are all northerners and we own the north. While to us, some people perceive and crown themselves North and expect everyone else to be the slave.

Tribe and religion has killed merit. We grew selfish, we bend the rules for ours and stiffen it to others.

If you have uttermost disregard for me, how am I suppose to have any regard for you? If we have uttermost disregard for each other, how do we expect others to have any regard for us?

Today in the North, I hear on open radio, a religious scholar finding it difficult to address me as a Christian just like I see him as a Muslim. He would rather call me and infidel, ARNE or KAFIRI. In return today, I am still deeply thinking of the infidel name I am to start calling him in order to make him feel like I do when he called me Kafiri or Arne. Mind you, im sure he will feel offended and even call for my head if I call him and infidel and not a Muslim.

Once a Notherner is found dead on the street today, what each group do is to find out about his religion, not for burial rights or prayer, but just to blame the death on others and start out a conflict.

When a person is appointed into a public office,   we are quick to find out Through his name, his tribe and religion in order to see what and what he can contribute to us religiouswise.

When it is time to struggle for the interest of the North, we all are north, But when it is time to benefit from the North, some are north while some are not.

This article is not to make you feel bad, to condemn or insult you, but to guide your thoughts towards positivity.

Shame on us all



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