Pandemonium As Youths Burn Police Station In Anambra


Information reaching indicates that youths in Anambra town of Igbo Ukwu has burnt a police station following the extra judicial killing of a youth in the town of Igbo Ukwu in Aguata Local Government Area (LGA).

This incident occurred late last night when a police officer shot and killed a youth believed to be from Abakilike town in Ebonyi State.

Following the killing, the police took the corpse of the Deceased and failed to provide immideate answers for the killings. Instead of providing answers, the police officers began shooting guns up into the air to disperse the angry youths who had come to seek answers.

The situation quickly degenerated to the youths resoughting to self help action. They acted to setting the police station on fire. The police officers ran away.

The youths then headed towards the police station at Ekwulobia. As of this report, the youths and police officers are engaged in a battle for the police station at Ekwulobia in Agusta LGA.

The police in Anambra was reached and their response was:



CP Abang appeal for calm, order for detention of police men involved and full scale investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident

On the 15/12/2020 at about 10:30pm,there was an altercation between police operatives and motorcycle riders over some impounded motorcycles as a result of the recent restriction on movement of motorcycles beyond 9:pm in the State.The situation degenerated into a chaos which led to an accidental discharge that hit one motorcycle rider and burning of Igboukwu police station by irate youth..

The Commissioner of Police CP John B.Abang,fdc is deeply saddened by the unfortunate incident and has ordered for detention of the policemen involved and full scale investigation into the matter.

The CP further appeal for calm and assures the public that justice would be done in the case and the outcome of Police investigation shall be made public in due course please.

SP Haruna Mohammed,PPRO Anambra State Police Command,
For-Commissioner of Police Anambra State Command.



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