Obiano Did Not Send APGA Stakeholders To Arthur Eze, Mbuze Agulu Says It Was A Private Visit


A silent cantankerous rancor appears on the offing at the All Progressive Grand Alliance [APGA] following a recent visit by a few select stakeholders led by Benjamin Obi also known as Mbuze Agulu who also serves as an aide to Governor Willie Obiano.

The APGA stakeholders were reported by an online medium that to have been sent by the National Chairman, Dr. Danquah Oye to plead for forgiveness from Arthur Eze over the public disagreement between the Governor of Anambra State, Willie Obiano and Arthur Eze. The visit occurred yesterday Friday, September 11, 2020.

In talking to the National Chairman of APGA, Danquah Oye – he denied APGA had dispatched any stakeholders from the APGA on representative capacity to visit Arthur Eze to plead for forgiveness. In his words to, he said “False. Nobody sent anybody to apologize to anybody. They even claimed I was a part of the delegation without showing me in the photo with Arthur Eze. Don’t mind the charlatans. Ike ga-agwu ndi asili”.

The national chairman was clear in his dismissal of the supposed visit to Arthur Eze. He maintained that APGA as a body had not sent any group to Arthur.

This notion was also shared by the Chief Benjamin Obi [Mbuze Agulu] who led the delegation to the Ukpo billionaire, Arthur Eze. Mbuze Agulu – who also goes by the self-imposed title of Igwe Agulu told that the visit to Arthur Eze was merely incidental and not premediated. “Nobody sent us. We just decided to visit him after having opened a new APGA office in Abuja. We also visited other stakeholders like Nicholas Ukachukwu and others before visiting him.”

Igwe APGA made the claim that Arthur Eze and Governor Obiano had long ironed out their differences – and are now on good terms. Meanwhile there appear a simmering rift within the APGA leadership.

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Here Is What Transpired As APGA “Begging” Delegation  Visited Arthur Eze.

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Today, APGA sent a delegation led by Igwe APGA, Chief Ben Obi popularly known as Mbuze Agulu to go and beg Prince Engr Arthur Eze to forgive the Leader of the party and to continue to fund the party’s activities.

The delegation met with the Ukpo billionaire and AIF Media source at the meeting told This Forum that the Oil Magnate welcomed them and had fruitful discussion with them.

To score the importance of Arthur Eze in the scheme of things, the APGA delegation travelled to Abuja with their party regalia and costume to plead for forgiveness.

At the meeting, Arthur Eze played 3 videos to the delegation.

The first video was where Prince Engr Arthur Eze gave out queues worth millions of naira to gov Obiano to support his security fund raising.

The second video was in a church where in 2014, after the inauguration of gov Obiano, Chief Victor Umeh led a delegation to Arthur Eze to thank him for his benevolence  to the party. In that video, Umeh who came with Obiano told the audience how Arthur Eze founded APGA. Umeh stated clearly that it was the Ukpo billionaire who sponsored the registration of APGA in 2002.

The third video was also in a church where gov Obiano was seen eulogizing the great philanthropist and telling his audience that Prince Engr Arthur Eze had spent over 250 million naira in the CAFÈ Foundation founded by his wife, Osodieme. The governor was seen in the video narrating how Arthur Eze was funding the First Lady’s Foundation.

After the APGA delegation viewed the videos, they were sober. They pleaded with the Oli Magnate to forgive and forget. The leader of the delegation, Mbuze Agulu collaborated the story of Arthur Eze and asked for truce.

In his response, the Ukpo Prince said he had forgiven. He told the APGA delegation that he is not a politician and has no any political ambition. He said he is like a father to may and had used his wealth to assist the present administration. He wondered why Agu Awka chose the path of fighting him at a time every hand ought to be on deck to bring development to the state.

At the end, the APGA leaders thanked him for his fatherly role in both the party and the state, and pleaded with him not to abandon them at this time.

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