Look Beyond North for President in 2023, YYSA Scribe Told Nigerians

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The President of the Yoruba Youth Socio-cultural Association (YYSA) Olalekan Hammed has advised Nigerians to look beyond North for the plum job of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria come 2023, noting that the affirmative statement made by the President Muhammadu Buhari saying that his appointees have abused trust owing to the unending terrorism and banditry in country is an evidence of his ineptness and failed anti-graft war.

In a statement issued and made by the National President of the association  and  available to Time Nigeria.

According to the statement, “Right from the inception, President Buhari listed fight against corruption as his main agenda followed by tackling insecurity.

“He endeavored by carefully appointed trusted allies without minding the federal character and outcries for lopsidedness of these appointments.

“Infact, some people supported the anomalies with the mindset that, the outcome matters, if appointing only his people is the way out to better the country’s condition, no problem.”

National President of the association expressed his displeasure on the outcome of their performance as they all made no difference, according to him, “Disappointingly, none of his ‘saints’ performed differently. The situation in Nigeria now becoming more pitiable than it was in six years ago in terms of corruption and insecurity.

“We could neither blame the appointees not the service chiefs for both crushed anticorruption and worsened insecurity in the country. Instead, the person we voted for to preside over Nigeria would be taken responsible.  The failure of Mr President’s appointees is indeed his failure.”

He however advised that in 2023, Nigerians we must look beyond north to ensure that we have a formidable and competent president for us to move forward as a nation. He said.



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