As Salami Panel Nears Conclusion, Tinubu’s Supporters Threaten To Burn Nigeria

Bola Tinubu

As the ongoing probe of the deposed acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC] Ibrahim Magu nears conclusion, the feared repercussions and implications on highly placed politicians have begun causing reverberations within the hallways of the federal republic of Nigeria. This is as information available to indicates that the Jagaban of Lagos, Bola Asiwaju may have reasons to be concerned over the likely prosecution of the deposed EFCC acting Chairman.

According to available reports, Ibrahim Magu removal and eventual prosecution will inevitably affect the political aspirations of Bola Tinubu against the 2023 presidential elections. To this extent, Bola Tinubu has become determined to checkmate attempts at derailing his presidential ambitions. As previously reported in a report – A Desperate Tinubu Goes Full Blast On Buhari, Reaches Out To OPC, Talks Oodua Republic – Bola Tinubu has become desperate in his attempts to forestall what appears to be an unfolding political doom for his political dynasty. The report states he approached several Oodua republic agitators both within Nigeria and in the diaspora – with the aim to raise the marginalization gambit against the eventuality of Magu and likely move to prosecute Tinubu.

The video below draws from the sentiment espoused in the report

On another face of the unfolding crisis, the case against Magu being compiled by the Salami panel is expected to be submitted to the president in two weeks.

The Tinubu political calculation rests on the case against Magu being subverted or diluted at the law courts. Particularly sources claim Tinubu has a good number of Judge under his payroll. Many of the Judges are claimed to be under his control.

He is working to shut the case immediately it gets to the courts” claims a source from London who also adds that the presidency is aware of the antics of the Lagos Jagaban. “They are ready for him“.

The panel has not made recommendations for Magu’s sack or prosecution” – They only submitted an interim report to the President. “A darning report on Magu and his accomplices“. The is expected to act on the report – and to make the determination to proceed to prosecution.



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