Urgent Appeal For Mr. President’s Intervention To Stem The Killings Of Innocent Citizens In Southern Kaduna




1     Southern Kaduna has been in the eye of the storm over the incessant attacks and massive destruction of lives and property in the past few weeks. As elders of the area and indeed Kaduna State, we are greatly disturbed by the unfolding tragedy ripping across our land. We cannot therefore, afford to continue sitting and folding our arms in the face of the continued violence that portents a bleak future for future generations.

2     We have come to acknowledge SOKAPU as the voice and hope for Southern Kaduna. And we call on our people to support SOKAPU for the good work it has been doing.

3     As everyone knows, in their oaths of office, Mr. President and all the 36 state Governors undertook to create a conducive environment for the peaceful co-existence of all citizens irrespective of creed, religious or ethnic, to ensure a seamless development and healthy growth of our country, given the fact that we have lived together in an integrated and symbiotic manner until the brutal invasion of our communities by those who government have come to confirm as foreign Fulani. What is happening in Southern Kaduna today and by extension some states of the federation is at variance with the above laudable objective.

4.    We once again appeal to Mr. President to urgently intervene in a more effective way, given the magnitude and rapid spread of the killings, especially in the past five weeks, notwithstanding the 24 hours curfew imposed by the state governor.  More troops and equipments should be deployed to Southern Kaduna to battle the situation urgently just as was done in Birnin Gwari and Katsina State    

5.    Mr. President is requested to call the Kaduna State Governor to order to live up to the tenets of his office being the Chief Security Officer of the state on this serious destruction of   lives and property of citizens. What is more, he once publicly confirmed the knowledge of where the bandits come from and even paid them money to stop the killings which still persists on a massive scale.

6.    All in all, the heartless destruction of lives and property in Chikun, Kajuru Z/Kataf, Kauru, Kaura, Sanga, and Jemaa LGAs, despite the curfew, is a serious embarrassment which should worry the power that be. The time for government to justify the confidence reposed in it by the people is therefore, overdue.

Sign: Elder Peter Buba




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