Alleged Sale Of Abuja Lodge: Fayemi’s Response Mere Rethoric, Shows There Is Something To Hide – Ekiti PDP


The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Ekiti State has described the

reaction by Governor Kayode Fayemi’s Aide,  Segun Dipe, to the alleged

sale of the Governor’s Lodge in Abuja as mere rhetoric devoid of facts

and a clear confirmation that the State government was hiding


The party said it had expected the government to lay everything about

the lodge bare for public scrutiny instead of embarking on the usual

voyage of abuses and throwing of tantrums, adding that “what we simply

demanded from the government was to show transparency and

accountability in the running of Ekiti State.”

In a statement by the Secretary of the State Caretaker Committee of

the PDP,  Diran Odeyemi,  the party said “it is a fact not denied by

Fayemi’s Aide in his epistle that the property situated  at TY

Danjuma,  Asokoro, Abuja was demolished and a new structure being

built on the land by an unknown contractor and for a client not


The PDP said further that; “If truly, the new structure being built on

the land is owned by the State Government,  why did the contractor not

specify this by placing a billboard in which the project title,

client,  contractor,  consultant and duration of contract will be

clearly stated?

“When was the contract awarded, to whom was it awarded and how much?

Also,  where is the evidence of publication of invitation to tender?

“For the avoidance of doubt,  we are aware of budgetary provision of

N1 billion in 2019, for construction of Governor and Deputy Governor’s

Lodge in Abuja. Out of this N1 billion,  a sum of N770.9 million was

spent last year.

“The question is, on which construction was N770.9 million spent last

year? This is because the Governor’s Lodge located at Asokoro in Abuja

was demolished this year and the building of a new structure started

last month.

“Or is the government saying that it spent N770.9 million on the

construction of the new lodge last year even before the old building

was demolished this year?”

On claim that the property was bought by the Segun Oni’s government

and it was not so good for habitation since the roof was leaking,

making former Governor Ayo Fayose to abandoned it,  the PDP asked;

“What did Governor Fayemi do to the property between 2010 and 2014? Or

was it Fayose that took over from Oni?

“If the roof was leaking in 2010, why didn’t Governor Fayemi fix it

then?  Where did he use as lodge between 2010 and 2014 as well as 2018

and 2020?

“Also, why did it take the government over 72 hours to respond even

after the Commissioner for Works, Sola Adebayo, who should have

information on the property at his finger-tips cleverly dodged the

matter by refusing to say anything when he was asked by press men


“It is therefore our demand that the government drop its garment of

‘we don’t care’ and give proper explainations to the people of Ekiti

State on the true state of the Abuja House.”



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