Killings: Anambra CAN Sad Says We All Can Learn From The Spirit Of The Church


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By Ibe Nwachukwu

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Anambra state chapter has expressed sadness over the on-going killings of Christians and non Christians alike in the country.

CAN however noted that Christians would not embark on a revenge mission because we all can learn from the spirit of the church and at the same time following the footsteps of Jesus Christ the son of God and saviour of mankind who taught humanity that it is even better to lose one’s life and inherit the kingdom of God than to inherit the world and spend our eternity in the hell fire”.

State Chairman of CAN, Rev.  John Ndubuisi in a press statement siiued yesterday in Onitsha, Anambra state, via SMS, declared: ” Normanl human reactionswhen hurt is to feel pain but the Christian church has God who has taught them the virtues of patience, peace, tolerance, love, justice, equity, among others”.

The church in Nigeria has faced various kinds of molestations, persecutions and unbearable provocations to the extent that christians forebear all these evils because of the spirit of peace that rules in God’s kingdom”.

For instance, the statement continued, “in Bornu state, human beings have been mercilessly massacred and too many churches without rebuilding and many families rendered homeless . Also many communities have been forcefully ejected out of their God-given land and have been made slaves and refugees in their own father’s land of nativity”.

“Adamawa state has the same ugly story and picture and so it is with Yobe, Taraba, Benue and Kaduna states, just to mention but a few.”.

“In the Southeast zone, the Fulani herdsmen will kill, kidnap and rape women at gun point, even before their husbands. What a humiliation and desecration and a taboo to the church kingdom?”

“Yet we cry and agonize all alone in the spirit of brotherhood and oneness in keeping with the indivisible and indissoluble philosophy of the Nigerian constitution. The South-South communities have also been terrorized by the herders and yet nobody comes to their rescue”.



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