Dr. Nura Alkali Got It Wrong – By Lawal Muazu


Going through the social media post by Dr. Nura Alkali on Governor Bala Mohammed, sack of  Albarka Radio manager, purchase of vehicles and all that, one thing stands out clear. That Dr. Alkali had a mind-set over the issue is as clear as light of day.

Dr. claimed he knew Kaura when the latter was FCT Minister and that was why he was not surprised at the turn of events. But Alkali failed to say how much he knew of Kaura as Minister and he failed to give the good or bad side of the Minister. Nobody is surprised because Alkali’s aim of writing the piece was to give dog a bad name in order to hang it. Considering the high level of Alkali’s education, sophistication and enlightenment, one expected him to back up his reservations about whatever he holds of the reputation of the governor in broad and clear terms. In the case of Albarka Radio, the Dr. knew quite well that every media house has its in-house agenda for which no staff should violate. Neither Bauchi State Government or the governor has a hand in the sack of its manager.

Dr. Alkali said M.A Abubakar was his choice of governor in the last governorship election. In other words, his sympathy and loyalty is still with M.A Abubakar, and that explains why Kaura cannot get a fair and objective treatment from him. Under such circumstances, how do we take him serious? The fact is, Alkali’s piece was never meant to be taken seriously. It is a long over-do piece written to appease the ‘better governorship candidate’ !

As for the much talked about purchase of vehicles, the Government and the governor have taken great pains to absolve the governor of any wrong doing since he is not a director or a partner of the company. The Government gave proof to back up its response.

As for the WAEC saga, Dr. Alkali should find time with an open and objective mind to go through the reasons advanced by Tilde, a  PhD holder of Alkali’s status.

Meanwhile, we wish Dr. Alkali will perform better next time he intends to write and support his ‘better governorship candidate’, and write on the Kaura he knows nothing about!



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