COVID-19 Infected Senator Should Submit Himself for Treatment

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The  Ogoni Social Democratic Network (OSDN) is worried about information regarding a serving senator representing Rivers State who has manifested full blown symptoms of Corona virus but have failed to submit himself for proper screening and treatment.
Credible media reports suggest that the senator was in company of a 19year old girl of Edo State origin confirmed by state government officials to have been infected and brought into Rivers State last week. The 19year old girl is reported to be responding to treatment.

Close sources to the senator have informed OSDN that the senator has been infected and chose to hide himself in his village where he is still receiving visitors.

We gather also that the senator attended a public gathering in Rivers State last week and is suspected to have spread the disease among his party colleagues.
There are also fears that the senator may have had handshakes with several people during his appearance at the recent public gathering putting the lives of these people at risk.
Rather than submit himself for proper treatment, the infected senator has resorted to self medication.
OSDN condemn this unpatriotism and conscious infection of many Nigerians with the Corona virus and call for immediate investigations on the senator.

OSDN is seriously concerned about the number of persons the senator may have infected and the consequences it could have in a society where there are no medical facilities.

OSDN calls for massive screening in Rivers State as many are already infected through association with the said senator and similar circumstances.

Signed,Christopher Lah Niabari
Secretary (OSDN)



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