Corona Virus; Tijjaniyya adherents cancels Nyass Maulud


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From Ahmad SAKA, Bauchi

A reknown Islamic Scholar Leader of Tijjaniyya adherents Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi has announced the postponements of annual great Islamic Scholar of repute Sheikh Ibrahim Nyass to another period as the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread.

The Annual event was scheduled to take Place simultaneously in Abuja and Sokoto on 21 March 2020, before it was suspended by the Scholar due to Corona Virus out break.

Dahiru Bauchi said “many distinguished Islamic Scholars and many people from different part of the World like Senegal , England , Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal ,United States of America and other part of African and non African countries attend the annual event but doctors and public health officials are advising people to reduce being crowd to wash their hands and sanitise them because of that more events are being canceled or postponed in some places even congregational prayers was closed for that reason we are postponing the event both in Abuja and in Sokoto.

He advised People to recite Hasbunallahu wa Niimal Wakiylu 450 times frequently to ask Allah to prevent us from becoming victims of the disease.

The Scholar said we thank Allah in Nigeria the problems is not worse as it is in other part of the World advise public to follow public health officials advise.

Dahiru Bauchi Pray for peace and stability for Nigeria and other part of the World.

Between five to Seven Million Tijjasniyya adherents used to attend the annual NYass Maulud 



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