Gov. Bala Mohammed Keeping Hope Alive in Bauchi – By John Akevi


There is a saying bequeathed to mankind by the Greek physician/philosopher, Sextus Empiricus, who lived in Alexandria and Athens in the 3rd Century. It goes thus: “The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine.”
What does this mean in everyday language? Justice may be slow, but it will come eventually. And for those who pray, it also means that God may not answer your petition immediately you make it, but He will eventually respond-at His own time.
From the human perspective, Empiricus may have had Governor Bala Mohammed ( Kauran Bauchi) in mind, when he coined the saying about the mills of the gods.
With our Governor in charge, there is no rush on some issues, if they demand temporizing and being painstaking. The mills of the gods must be allowed to grind, if slowly, but exceedingly finely.

From his time as Minister of Federal Capital Territory in office 8 April 2010 – 29 May 2015, Nigerians who were of age then would recall that Sen. Bala Mohammed often said; “His administration as Minister of Federal Capital Territory (FCT) will not be rushed…” And truly, for six years he served as the minister of FCT, things were done with calm sure-footedness, and not at the dizzying speed that some people would have wanted. However, he was described variously in many quaters as the best FCT minister Nigeria as ever produced.

Easy does it. They stumble that run too fast. “Patience is the companion of wisdom,” according to Saint Augustine, the cleric.
And and as FCT minister did he succeed? Yes of course!
By the end of ,Sen. Bala Mohammed six glorious years in office. It was clear to most people in the government (and even outside) that Sen. Bala Mohammed served without any personal baggage or scandal, it is beyond dispute that he was well prepared for the job.

In 2019, majority of Nigerians especially the good people of Bauchi state remembered what he had brought on the table while he was a distinguished  senator representing Bauchi South at the hallowed chamber as well as FCT minister.  So, overwhelmingly, they voted for him. And today, he is the governor of Bauchi state.

It is interesting and amazing to know that Gov. Bala Mohammed is not resting on his oars, as he has already hit the ground running in the state, knowing full well that, the mills of the gods must be allowed to grind, even if slowly, but exceedingly finely.

He is already proving the cynics and skeptics, who
had always believed that elected political public
office holders, especially governors do not perform
in their first term.

In line with his avowals, assurances and promises in his election acceptance speech that he and his team will continue to serve the state with fear of God, humility and unwavering commitment to improving lives and lifting the state to unprecedented heights.
Gov. Bala Mohammed promises Bauchi people a responsible leadership. A leadership that respects the rule of law, traditional institutions, ethics in governance, and one that engenders transparency and accountability.
Gov. Bala Mohammed’s administration is already living by its words. But something fundamental has not changed in the man’s style.

The mills of the gods still grind slowly. There are some decisions Gov. Bala Mohammed will not take in a hurry. He will chew on the matter, digest it properly, and then come out with his
position. There is no stampeding him, no setting of fire to his heels. The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly finely.

Recently, Gov. Bala Mohammed flagged off some roads in Bauchi metropolis. During the flagging off ceremony of the roads projects in the state. Gov. Bala Mohammed said that “the four roads in Bauchi include;  Ibrahim Bako to Maiduguri Road bye- pass is 4.4 kilometers, Sabon Kaura to Jos Road bye-pass is 6.2 kilometers, Yakubun Bauchi Quarters is 1.8 kilometers while that of Muda Lawal market which is 1 kilometer would be  rehabilitated.

He went further that the roads projects were meant to bring succour to the residents and motorists passing through the roads who experienced traffic difficulties”. The governor who said the contract for the four roads were awarded at sum of about N5 billion said his administration is embarking on the projects in order to deliver on its campaign promises before the first 100 days in office.
He assured those whose pieces of lands and  buildings affected or tresspassed as a result of the projects of timely payment of compensation.

Governor Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed has also flagged off the construction of township roads in Azare, headquarters of Katagum Local Government area of the state.
The projects, which will gulp over N1 billion, are the construction of Hospital Road to Jama’are, Azare Bye- Pass and Tafawa Balewa Road to Jama’are-Shira Road. Now that the mills of the gods is grind slowly, but exceedingly fine. What can you say about it? I believe. What about you?
To be continue………………….…………………………………….

Mr John Akevi is a writer, blogger, social media expert and Founder/ Director, Kaura Media Support Group wrote via

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