Yoruba Youth Group Gives Buhari 14 days Ultimatum

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your excellency,  permit me on behalf of all the youths of the south west states of Nigeria to congratulate you on your recent reelection and subsequent swearing in to office. I wish you a successful tenure.
Without mincing words,  we have observed some few things about your administration since 2015 and we have decided to make our stance known.
1. That your government has been unable to tackle the insecurity challenge facing the nation,  we observed that this is due largely to the fact that the perpetrators of these criminal activities are mainly from your own ethnic group. The killing yesterday of Mrs Funke Olakunri,  daughter of foremost Yoruba leader and chairman of Afenifere, Chief Reuben Fashoranti by these Fulani herdsmen is the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.
2. We also observe that you have a mission to ensure that the whole of Nigeria become a Fulani colony.  This is evident in your attempt to claim lands for the Fulani through various schemes of your government. Your government started with cattle colony,  grazing reserve and most recently,  Ruga settlement. Whenever Nigerians speak against any of these policies,  you only go back and re-brand and give it another name.
3. We also observe that some so called Yoruba leaders and Obas have not been able to stand up to say the truth, simply because of the crumbs that falls from your table to feed their insatiable appetite for Naira and power. We say shame unto them.
4. We are aware that while you are making a move to disarm other sections of the country, your kinsmen are being regularly trained in the use of arms. One begins to wonder if people like the respected Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and others who have cautioned against your fulanisation agenda may not be wrong after all.
From the above observations,  we the youths of Yorubaland under the aegis of the New Oodua Youth Frontiers now make the following pronouncements
1. That we are giving a 14 days ultimatum to your government to round up your killer herdsmen and take them out if Yorubaland. Failure to do this,  they are at their own risk.
We are also by this letter warning all Yoruba leaders hobnobbing with this devilish government and their agents to desist as they will not be able to withstand the tsunami that is coming. It will sweep them and their children. The Yoruba youths are fed up and we have decided to take our destiny in our hands.
We are aware that your government controls the security apparatus in the Nigeria state and that you are capable of declaring pyton-dance, or crocodile tears or whatever. But be aware that we are fully prepared for whatever you decide to do.
*Our Message is simple,  Fulani Herdsmen just leave our land within 14 days, or else,  we will start defending ourselves*
  1. VP Yemi Osibajo
  2. Ooni of Ife
  3. Aladdin of Oyo
  4. Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland
  5. All south west governors.
  6. Afenifere
  7. Agbekoya
  8. Odo Oduduwa
New Oodua Youth Frontiers(NOYF)
13th July 2019


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